Saturday, August 23, 2008

Respect the Decathlete.

Michael Phelps deserves all the credit in the world for his incredible accomplishments during the Beijing Olympics, but after watching Bryan Clay win the Gold Medal in the decathlon tonight it's hard for me to call Phelps the greatest Olympic athlete at the games.

The decathlon (from the Latin "deca," meaning ten, and "thlon," meaning "crazy sports that have no practical application in the real world") consists of these events (source):

Day 1
*100 meters
*long jump
*shot put
*high jump
*400 meters
Day 2
*110 meter hurdles
*pole vault
*1500 meters

And after watching Clay absolutey destroy the other contenders during the past two days, and then collapse on the track after the 1500 meters, I was sold. All decathletes are incredible competitors, and Clay is their king. I mean, some people spend their whole lives mastering just one of the above events; decathletes master each and every one of them.

And this crap isn't easy. When's the last time you tried to hoist yourself over an 18 foot bar using a long stick?

Anyway, Bryan Clay--my hat's off to you. And my hat's off to everyone that takes on ten events in two days and rocks them all. I hope your gold medal is a few ounces heavier than everyone else's.

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Anonymous said...

I am just wondering if Cougar fans are worried that if Max Hall were to go down, the backup would be Austin Collie, who admits he hasn't played Q B since he was 10 years old. One bad hit and the "quest" is over!