Monday, August 18, 2008

Site Spotlight: BYU Cougar Crazies

It's about that time of year when sports fans everywhere are waking from a deep slumber. They're breaking out of their cocoons in a festival of rebirth.

Nowhere is this renaissance more apparent than my sister blog, During the offseason this blog rests like a bear deep in hibernation. Once August hits, though, the beast is awakened and the Cougar Crazies buzz and hum with humor, controversy, biting sarcasm, unique insight and an abounding love for all things BYU.

This blog harnesses the collective creative genius of Trevor "Long Ball" Winn, Rock "Tyson Gay" Mitchell, Eliot "Ber-Zerkely" Bennion and others, including myself. In fact, here's my latest post on Cougar Crazies. I hope you like it; I'm proud of my work.

I'll warn you, It's a bit edgier than my blog. The Crazies aren't afraid of stepping on a few toes, but if you're a true Cougar Crazy it's a must-see.

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