Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Write it out: The Year of the Jersey

I recently made this purchase, and I'm hereby declaring 2008 the year of the jersey. If you want to find me this season look for the tall, superfluously handsome man with No. 15 on his chest screaming like a donkey in the student section.

My purchase prompted the question: What is the attire of choice for my fellow Cougar-obsessed? Are you a "T-shirt is enough" kind of guy, or do you experiment with paints and such? I want to know, if for no other reason than to get you thinking about it. Proper fandom takes planning, after all.

Outfits to consider:

*Blue coveralls
*Blue headgear
*Blue makeup
*Blue cape
*Blue spongy oversized hands
*Blue growl towels

(Note: the words "pink" or "pastel" are were not mentioned for a reason)

Please, share your thoughts. What will you be wearing to BYU games this season?


Russ Nelson said...

I can respect The Year of the Jersey! I am a jumpsuit and bandanna kind of guy, but I wouldn't mind wearing what the players wear.

Trevor said...

You all know I'm a body paint only type of guy.......body paint ONLY. But the dang Event Staff people won't let me take my shirt off during games. And I lost my stinking helmet. I need a new gimmick.

Any ideas?

Justin said...

I have been a T-shirt and eye-blue (like eye-black, but blue) guy with the occasional body paint, but I am open to change. I don't think I am a jersey type of guy. No offense Adam, but I have seen the jersey guys and I don't meet the requirements (beer gut, several kids, hat from their first season as a cougar fan in 1992, etc). I could pull off the coveralls. I would wear headgear if available. I don't know I guess time will tell for this season.

Travis said...

For football season, I am a jersey guy. I have discussed this on I have 2 jerseys: one is a 1996 style jersey with No. 18, the other is a white-bibbed feterik jersey. I know the bib has taken a PR hit since its inception and death. I explain it all here:

As far as basketball season goes, I wear a T-shirt like everyone else, but literally top it off with a blue hockey helmet that I have affixed some BYU stickers to. It does make me look a little "special," but no one else does it. Anyone on here seen the hockey helmet guy at the Marriott center last winter?

Adam said...

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the presence of hockey helmet guy.

I don't know if I could pull off the bibbed Feterik jersey, Travis. That combines two of my least favorite things about BYU football, and I just don't think I could handle it.

Rock said...
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Rock said...

Nice interactive post, Adam.

The blue/white snake-skin du rag came about last year, and you can expect a repeat this season. And you heard it here... paint for the UCLA game (unless we lose to UW and I'm all pissed off).

If I was to go for a jersey, it'd have to be someone kind of obscure. Like Foketi, the noseguard. Speaking of big guys, a Wolfey jersey would be pretty cool, though it would have to be an XXXL, worn like a night shirt.

Eliot said...

Somebody should wear a blue spandex suit, covering their entire body (face inculded).

jeff said...

I wear the shirt and hat that Bronco wears to the games. It is the most authentic uniform I can have without wearing a helmet and pads.

jonathan said...

Jeff and I sported the headband and wristbands for a season or two. I don't even know where those are anymore. Maybe I need to hit up the bookstore... or better yet, DI.

Trevor said...

How you gonna paint us Ross? If you figure out a way to beat the event staff you know I'm right next to you, fatter, harrier, and painted.

casey said...

my most difficult wardrobe decision… finding a shirt that isn’t completely dwarfed by my natural good looks (the typical glowing countenance of a faithful BYU student + terrific genetics). honestly, the only time I’m disappointed in BYU fan apparel is when I see some tough guy show up to an ordinary (non-utah) conference game wearing a‘classy’ ute bashing shirt. You know the one, cougar blue with large white letters “U SUCK”, not even an hint of a BYU insignia. the shirt just screams (1)‘I define my loyalty to BYU through my detest for Utah’ or (2)'who are we playing? i scored this awesome shirt out my roomate's closet'. Lame anti-Ute shirts have a place, but not at TCU games.

Adam said...

Point Casey.