Tuesday, September 02, 2008

BYU pick 'em update

Hey folks. The scores have officially been tabulated for my BYU football pick 'em game. Please browse the right side of my blog to see where you landed after week one.

A lot of people were close this week. I was very impressed by the scores and predictions for week one. If I were playing I would have scored a 30, since I predicted BYU 52, UNI 17 (dang third quarter turnovers!)

You'll also notice week one brought with it the very first perfect score! "Mars" scored a perfect 40, which means he (or she... but I'm assuming it's a he since Mars was the Roman god of war and testosterone) not only guessed BYU would win, but he guessed the exact final scores for both teams.

Good work, Mars. If you're reading this please email me your mailing address and I'll send a Golden Corral gift card right away (as per the results on my "Mystery Prize" Poll).

Thanks for your picks, everyone, and to all those who need to send me your Washington picks, don't forget! Search, ponder, pray and get back to me as soon as you can.

Also, a reminder to those who have already sent me their picks: You can change your scores any time up until the day before game day.


Dave said...


Only a 32? Come on. I should get the extra points for being a former neighbor. By the way, IT IS WHAT IT IS!

ali said...

wow an unknown on your blog? (mars) that's when you know you've hit another level of popularity.

So... not bad for a girl who knows nothing about football! I didn't even know if my score numbers were possible...

Travis said...

Well I thought I would have placed much better than I did, but...meh.

BTW, this brings me to my next point, Adam how would you like to make 70 grand next summer? I work for this awesome marketing company I think you woild do really well in.

I'm kidding.