Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A dream was realized today

Have you ever listened to sports talk radio and thought to yourself "Man, I wish I could do that--get paid to talk about sports all day."

I have.

I yearn, nay, pine to be one of those guys. I mean, I do it anyway, right? Why not let everyone listen in? And why not make a little scratch doing it?

Well that dream was realized for me today. That is, all but the getting paid part. But believe me--the giddiness I feel right now is more payment than I'll ever need.

So for those of you who don't already know, Trevor (of and I were invited to be guests on "The Home Team" with Darnell Dickson. The Home Team is a sports radio show on KSTAR 1400 AM, and it caters to the large, unsatisfied, sports-hungry Utah County audience. It airs every weekday from 4-6, and covers local stuff like BYU, UVU, the MWC and Utah Jazz.

Quick plug: If you don't already listen, you should check it out. It is a very good show.

Anyway, Trevor and I went on today to talk some sports and it was everything I thought it would be and much, much more. We laughed, we furrowed our brows, we contributed to the playful banter. We were on from 5-6.

I thought the setting would be a little intimidating. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty nervous before showtime, but when we stepped into the studio my fears were put to rest. I was picturing dark booths with huge earphones; instead it was literally a table with some microphones on it. We sat and talked just like a bunch of guys would on any given day, talking sports.

Darnell and his co-host Jared do a great job, too. There was no lofty expectations, no egos. We just sat down and started talking, and I think it turned out really well.

Discussions included (but were not limited to):

*How we became BYU fans
*Why we have blogs
*The role blogs play in the media
*Wifely support (Thanks for the call-in question, Bob!)
*BYU fans being too prideful (another call-in)
*BYU's Quest for (football) Perfection
*BYU's athletic program as a whole

Awesome, awesome, awesome. It was the time of my life. Those that heard the show will have to tell me how it went, but I thought Trevor did a great job, and I certainly had a lot of fun. And hopefully we'll be able to go back real soon.

Anyway, thanks for the opportunity Darnell. And everyone else seriously--start tuning into KSTAR 1400 AM during the drive home or wherever you happen to be. "The Home Team" airs from 4-6 on weekdays.


Becky said...

i loved it! you guys sounded great and really natural. you could hear the enthusiasm you have for BYU sports and your knowledge was obvious.

I loved the host and actually think I'm going to start listening on my drive home. i love radio and think i am going to go on another kick because of this.

seriously though, after listening to the whole show i thought to myself. this was great. seeing the two worlds or blogging and radio come really made me think that our generation needs to get back into radio. I mean i listen to the radio everyday but as a whole...i'd love to see it stay and be more integrating with new media.

hope to hear you guys on the show again.

Jonathan said...

Is there anyway you can get a clip of the show buddy?

Evan said...

Wow. That is so cool. I know that sounds cheesy, but honestly that is awesome! I second Jonathan's comment, is there anyway you can post a link to it here on your website. To answer your initial question of, do you ever wish you could on the radio talking sports and getting paid for it? YES, YES, YES. Frankly, close to everyday. Granted I am not as dedicated as you and Triz, but if I had the time and savvy that you two carrier, I would be all over that. Do you "Big Suke" he is a former BYU offensive line man who is on Portland's prime time ESPN radio show called "The Fan." I would give him B grade. He does a good job but doesn't give much respect to UO, OSU, or BYU. And that I cannot understand, he breaks it down nicely though. Anyway just thought you would want to know.

JaiJai Jillian said...

Same question as Jonathan's... are you going to be able to get a copy of the show? I missed it!

Russ Nelson said...

I was fortunate enough to have a class on Wednesday nights that never goes the full time. We got out at 5 and I ran to my truck and sat in it until the show was over.

I thought you guys did a great job! I was surprised well you guys actually did. If I were a casual listener I would have thought that you were old and wise (but I know you guys all too well). I enjoyed it, good work men!

Adam said...

We're working on getting a few clips of the show posted. Becky recorded some on her camera, now we just need to upload them. Hopefully the quality will be satisfactory.

Andy and Jessica said...

This is so great Adam! I am sure that you guys sounded great. We will have to listen to it. Way to go!