Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MWC Power Rankings

If you know me, then you know I love to rank stuff. I would rank stuff all day if I could.

Here’s just one example of things I might rank in any given day: Dinners I’ve had in the past week.

Gold—Meat Loaf on Sunday
Silver—Stir fry on Wednesday
Bronze—Honey chicken meat pie on Monday

See? That’s just what I’ll do.

Today I’m ranking the Mountain West Conference—or, as some know it, The Third Best Conference in the Country (in 2008). Here goes:

1. BYU. Hard to argue with this pick. The pre-season favorite is No. 11 in the country, 4-0 and boasts two straight shutouts and one of the top offenses in the country. Rocky times are ahead, though. Sources say that some coaches might have been using profanity during last week’s game vs. Wyoming.

2. Utah. Nipping at BYU’s heels, the Utes are also 4-0, but have looked a little shaky at points along the way. Still waiting for the Utes to stumble. Enter Weber State.

3. TCU. Rounding out the ranked MWC teams at No. 24, TCU is putting up huge numbers on both offense and defense. They actually start playing real football teams this week at Oklahoma. I hope the dream has been a nice one, Froggies.

4. Air Force. The Cadets were grounded after a minor delay against Utah, but look for Air Force to take off once again and soar majestically through the wild blue yonder. (Too many aviation jokes?)

5. UNLV. Who would have thought the Rebs would make it out of the cellar anytime soon? I’m still not that impressed though. Look for UNLV to start their losing streak any day now.

6. New Mexico. Donovan Porterie is out for the season, so it looks like the Lobos won’t get any higher than No. 6 on my list.

7. Colorado State. The Rams were my MWC sleeper team this year, but haven’t really shown me anything too special. Hopefully Coach “Papa Bear” Kubiak and his Rams will beat Cal this weekend to keep the MWC’s streak of pantsing the Pac-10 alive.

8. Wyoming. Poor Joe Glenn. The guy just can’t get it done in the state of Utah. If he beats the Utes, though, the ‘Pokes will always have a place in my heart.

9. San Diego State. Cortez has landed, and the Aztecs are no match for the white man’s rifles and various diseases.


Triz said...

I'd put CSU above UNM and probably UNLV above Air Force. Maybe not just yet on the UNLV though. We'll see how they continue to play.

And I'd take SDSU out of our league and D-1 football if I could.

Jennifer said...

I disagree on a few points and feel conflicted on others. I think UNLV beats UNR at home and CSU on the road in two weeks and I give them even odds against AFA in three weeks. Coming off a bye the week before they play us they will be 6-1 and easily our toughest remaining home game. I would actually like them to continue to win, even though Sanford is an ass. They own the marguis conference win (so far) and (I admit this is stretching plausibility) if the right teams in front of them lose a 6-1 UNLV with a win over then #14 ASU on the road and their only loss to a ranked Utah team early in the season, they might be ranked when they come to LES. 4 ranked MWC teams ... yeah I'm dreaming.

My inner conflict: rooting for Utah to continue winning.