Monday, September 08, 2008

Pick 'em: Week 2

I'm proud to announce the pick 'em universe is now in order. I'll admit, I was caught off guard with the season's first perfect score in week one. And the scramble to find a way to get a hold of the winner was arduous.

But I'm happy to say that Mars and I have made contact, and his mystery prize will be in the mail instantly.

Now another week has come and gone, and you'll see from the leaderboard on the right side of this page that week 2 shook things up a bit.

Most notably, Mars fell from his perch atop the rest of the field and the big Trizz-nay-nay himself claimed the No. 1 spot. The Trizz was not the big winner in week two however. His cousin, Aaron, got the highest score of the week with a 38. It's a shame, because Aaron might have been the overall leader after week 2. He missed week one's pick against Northern Iowa, however, and you all know what a stickler I am about the rules.

Will it cost him in the long run? Time will tell.

Here are the complete scores for week two:

Aaron, Cousin of Trevor - 38
Cindy - 37
Trizz - 35
Gus - 31
Travis - 31
J-Snow - 31
Justin - 30
Jeremy - 30
Dave - 30
Knips - 30
Rock - 30
Andy - 29
Boyle - 27
Becky - 27
Seth - 27
Joe - 27
Rusky - 27
Mars - 27
KO - 25
Eliot - 24
Ali - 23
Katie - 23
Suzanna - 23
Jeris - 23
My Mom - 22
Ty - 20
JonathanD - 20
Lesley - 20
Buffalo - 20

For the record, since I predicted a 31-20 BYU win, I would have scored a 30, putting me at a solid 60 for the season. Good job everyone, and those of you who haven't sent me your scores for UCLA yet, get picking!

And remember, if you didn't play in weeks one or two you can still start in week three. I'll be honest, it'll be an uphill battle, but the glory will be that much sweeter if you win. Good luck!


Trevor said...

How bout that, eh? The Triz up at the #1 spot. I'll take it!

And Aaron, cousin of Trevor, you stay off my tail!

Jennifer said...

Not related to you pick 'em but a comment on the "It is what it is" counter. Midway through the fourth quarter with BYU driving and converting on yet another third down with a pass to Reed (I believe) the FSN play by play commentator had this to say: "BYU is what they are." Not sure if that qualifies to the letter, but certainly satisfies the spirit of "It is what it is." I call for a ruling on this and possible increase to 12 on the official counter (assuming you watched the game on the FSN network).

Becky said...

i agree with jennifer. same thing different crap! that is awesome she picked that up! is what it is!

ali said...

Look at me, I'm solidly not losing!!

I think everyone deserves a prize for participating, don't you?

Trevor said...

I'm glad you caught that Jennifer. I made reference to it over on Cougar Crazies. That guy was horrible.

Cindroid said...

Excuse the language but...

hell yeah.

That's what I'm talking about.

Russ Nelson said...

Rusty, BUS, or Nelly are acceptable names. Rusky is NOT!!

I'm not winning, but at least I'm not Buffalo!

Andy and Jessica said...

I clocked the commentators for about 7 to 8 minutes talking about another school's marching band.

And for the whole first half I could have sworn that Gilbert Godfried was doing the color commentary.

That is what it is.

Mars said...

Dang and blast!

Watch for the "surprise pick" this coming week...