Monday, September 15, 2008

Pick 'em: Week 3

I don't think any of us saw that coming.

In fact, judging from this week's pick 'em scores, I know it. I'm happy to report that the majority of the contestants at least picked a BYU win, and got points for that, but no one even came close to the right final score.

Including myself (see below).

But, I'm totally okay with that. Giving UCLA its worst beat-down since the Hoover administration is consolation enough.

I am sad to report, however, that there are some poor cursed souls that picked BYU to lose, and thus were awarded no points. I'm not going to name any names, but Ali, Ty and Mars better do some soul-searching before picking BYU to lose again. Here are the week three scores, as boring as they might be:

Aaron, Cousin of Trevor - 20
Andy - 20
Becky - 20
Boyle - 20
BUS - 20
Cindy - 20
Dave - 20
Eliot - 20
Gus - 20
Jeremy - 20
Jeris - 20
JonathanD - 20
J-Snow - 20
Justin - 20
Katie - 20
Knips - 20
KO - 20
Lesley - 20
Rock - 20
Rod-Dawg - 20
Seth - 20
Suzanna - 20
Travis - 20
Trizz - 20
Ali -0
Mars - 0
Ty - 0

Good work, ladies and gentlemen. Next up: Wyoming @ BYU. I'm thinking we break 100 against the Cowboys. What say you?


Trevor, the original Cougar Crazy, asked me to point out to everyone that he was the closest to guessing the right score. He picked BYU to win 48-16. I thought he was crazy at the time, and he was. Crazy like a fox.

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Bryce said...

Keep the good words coming Adam. You write some good stuff here.