Monday, September 29, 2008

Quick bites

This post will be a welcome change for those of you who don't like reading. Since so much has happened over the past few days, and since I don't want to write about it all, I'm just going to give you some quick little bits of everything that's on my mind.

So I guess you'll still have to read... just not as much.

1. BYU is up to No. 7 in the Coaches poll, No. 8 in the AP. A lot higher than I would have imagined. These high rankings are turning an already special season into something reaching epic proportions.

2. To anyone who has heard me talk at all about TCU this year: I TOLD YOU SO. They are overrated, and not that good. Their defense was outmatched, their offense was pathetic and I'm more confident than ever that BYU will hand them a royal beating.

3. Don't you love it when Urban Meyer loses?

4. I want to send some thank you cards. Does anyone have addresses for Ole Miss, Michigan, Alabama and Oregon State?

5. Time out: who besides me is getting pumped for BYU basketball? Too early? Tyler Haws' commitment has infused our program with all kinds of energy. I know he won't even play this year, but his commitment just got me excited to see Lee, Jimmer, JT, Jackson Emery and newcomers LaMont Morgan, Charles Abuo and Noah Hartsock. All I have to say is--Trent who?

6. Fantasy football update: 4-0 in one league, 3-1 in another and there's one more that I don't ever check.

7. Adam and the Trizz will be on the radio again today (Monday) from 5-6. We'll be talkin' BYU and (hopefully) some government bailout, so tune those dials to 1400 AM and let our soothing voices wash over you like silky cocoa butter.

8. I saw Dennis Pitta at Provo High playing some pick-up football on Saturday. We even had a brief interaction, but I'll spare you the details (I don't want to embarrass Brett again). Needless to say I was not happy with Dennis' decision to play, but I prayed about it and decided I will not contact his coaches.

9. How annoying will Ute fans be if they win on Thursday? Seriously.


Triz said...

1. NC game anyone? It's kind of freaking me out that the stars might be aligning.

2. I held out on TCU at first, but finally bought into the hype. You told me so.

3. Unwar Urban Meyer.

4. Thank you cards are the new gift baskets.

5. Please don't bring up basketball in the middle of football season when we're ranked 7th in the country. I expect more from you.

6. 0-2 and currently tied for last place in my fantasy league. I hate this crap.

7. You take the pro-bailout stance, I'll take the con.

8. Please tell us about the Brett thing.

9. I vehemently disagree with all things Ute. And yes, they'll be unbelievably annoying. But how happy will you be if they lose?

Travis said...

1. Are you going to BYU's bowl game this year regardless of where it is? Sugar? Fiesta? ORANGE???

2. I, one of the biggest Plaisted detractors of recent years, am still angry he left. John Beck made the leap his senior year, maybe Plaisted could have made a mini-leap? I know Beck actually showed progression year to year but the two are similar in how much crap they took from fans. That said, I am still glad Plaisted came to BYU. He is a special athlete (have you ever heard of his tennis shoe 40-time on grass? You have? shhhhhhhhhhocking..) and could have gone a lot of places and chose BYU. He did win some games for us.

This is shaping up to possibly be the most memorable Coug season of my lifetime. Keep it up cougs.

Adam said...

I promise you this: I will move heaven and earth to be at BYU's Bowl Game, be it in Miami, Glendale, New Orleans or Las Vegas.

And I actually really like Trent Plaisted. I wish he would have stayed, but I don't think we'll miss him all that much this year.

Mike Smith said...

So, I think that I will stand up for TCU. Yeah, their offense looked pathetic, but they did hold OK to 25 rushing yards. Not too shabby (although with 411 yards passing, there wasn't much need to run the ball. Also, TCU did get pressure on Bradford which no other team had previously done. Their offense and pass defense was totally out matched, but their run defense was as advertised (from what I watched and according to the stats). I am little worried because our guys are not quite as fast as OK's. TCU got burned on one-on-one assignments. But having said that and seeing how porous the pass defense was, I am looking for Hall to have a great day.

Triz said...

Travis, I will go to any BCS game that BYU ends up in, regardless of location.

But I refuse to go to Vegas again. I will be a conscientious objector if we end up in the Vegas Bowl. Call me a fair-weather fan if you must, but I ain't going to Vegas again. I'd be objecting more to the system than the team.

Unwar the Vegas Bowl.

Evan said...

I want Pitta details, I love to read your blog. Keep the long posts coming!!!

zach and jess said...

So on ESPN today Mike Wilbon from PTI said that the cougars should be #4 in front of LSU and Texas! I know that is kind of crazy, but just thought I would throw it out there. I do have to agree with trevor about should get all the hype right now. you guys are doing great on the radio right now!

Adam said...

Yeah, Zach, Wilbon has been giving a lot of love to BYU. He wants to see BYU in a BCS game, and has even talked about BYU being in the national championship game.

Susie said...

You know Adam, it is what it is with TCU- gotta wait and see what happens to say they're over-rated.