Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A sampling from the USU message board

Here is something I originally wanted to do for every game this season--that is, visit the upcoming opponent's message board and post the funny/insane messages only fans can come up with.

I'm not sure whether I'll get to it for the rest of the games, but here's a quick sampling from the Aggie message board ScoutUState.com

First, the hilarious:

"Sing it with me! Dun! Dun! Dun! And another one bites the dust!

#1 USC falls to unranked Oregon State 21-27
#3 Georgia falls to #8 Alabama 30-41
#4 Florida falls to unranked Ole Miss 30-31
#9 Wisconsin falls to unranked Michigan 25-27
#16 Wake Forest falls to unranked Navy 17-24
#20 Clemson falls to unranked Maryland 17-20
#23 East Carolina falls to unranked Houston 24-41

And another one down! And another one down! And another one bites the dust!"

--User BigBlueDart

Then the dirty:

"Hit Hall after the play! Hit him hard! He loves to stay in the pocket for a coumt or 2 too long. Make him pay for that even if it is slightly late. That is the only way we can be effective."

--User Quelch

The realistic:

"Yeah, even if [a] few Aggie fans can bear to watch the game, you can be sure the stadium will be filled with obnoxious BYU fans. This is their magical year, after all."

--User Rabidchild

The out-dated:

" i would love to see the aggies get to beck. he has'nt been hit much yet. i would love to see a good game but i'm not counting on it."

--User Bucket1010

The uneducated:

"go aggies
i say aggies win 38 to 35
then we will be yelling
overrated overrated
we have a chance to win byu
if weber can beat the ugly utes"

[Editor's note: Was this supposed to be some kind of modified haiku?]

--User grizzaggiebluedude

The Dreamer:

"Call it a gut feeling, but I've got a hunch there's going to be a big upset in Logan this weekend. Take it to 'em boys, beat those Cougars!

BYU 27
USU 30

... fans rush the field at Romney."

--User BSUTOP25

And finally, the accurate:

"Sorry guys but my gut says BYU wins 70-0. They are playing for a BCS bid and will not let up on the gas pedal."

--User Spartanmark

Man, I could do this all day. Make no mistake, I think any Aggie that thinks their team has a legitimate shot at winning (or even making it close) is lost in a dream world, but I'm glad to see there's some fire, somewhere, for such an awful team.

By the way, if you do get a chance to read some USU message boards, be advised--they call BYU "7" because we exemplify the 7 deadly sins. As in, "7 is going to roll up 63 points in the first half against our hapless Aggies."

Is that or is that not the lamest nickname you've ever seen?


Triz said...

WhyBU is a lamer nickname. That comes from idiot Utes.

(Notice I did not write "Yewt" because that is also retarded)

Eliot said...

I agree with Triz and Adam on the lameness of those nicknames. Is "7" supposed to be one of those ironic nicknames, like a fat guy called Slim?

Cade said...

Adam, even though I agree with your post, remember that some of your loyals go to Utah State. Either way we look forward to this opportunity to aid the Cougars in their Quest.

Travis said...

i seem to remember you sporting some type of aggie gear somewhere on your truck. am I up in the night on this one or is it true? fess up...

Adam said...

Okay, time to come clean. Heaven knows I don't want any rumors started about me.

I do own a Utah State t-shirt that I wear while working out. It's true.

As far as the allegations of Aggie gear being on my truck, those notions are completely false. I have a "Y" sticker and a "DMB" sticker on my back window. That is all.

The truth is, I actually like Utah State. I always cheer for them to do well in their non-BYU games. I hate the idea of hating the Aggies, because that's borderline abuse in my opinion. It's like kicking a diseased dog while it's gasping for its last breath. Hating Utah State is inhumane.

Rock said...

I'm going to start saying "I went to the 7," instead of "the Y."

Those Agriculturalist sure know how to get under our skin.