Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Write it out: Who's your unsung hero of the week?

When it comes to the BYU football team, I like the guys that fly underneath the radar. The Unsung heroes, if you will. And now that game-day credit is being handed around like a fat Christmas pie, I'd like to take this opportunity to share the slices.

There were a lot of unsung heroes last Saturday, and I want to know who you liked.

Personally, my vote for unsung hero of the week goes to boundary corner Scott Johnson. Scotty "2hotty" Johnson came up huge on two plays in particular: First, in the third quarter with BYU nursing a 27-17 lead, and then again in the fourth quarter when UNI was trying to make a comeback.

In the third quarter (one which I'm sure we'd all like to forget), BYU gave up 14 unanswered points to UNI. The Panthers were driving down the field with all the momentum when BYU held them to a fourth and three situation. The Panthers decided to go for it, and QB Pat Gracy threw a quick out pass to his weak side receiver. The pass was right on the money, but Johnson hurried to the ball and broke up the pass to force a turnover on downs. Huge.

Then in the fourth quarter, after BYU scored again to make it 34-17, Gracy tried to spark his offense with a deep throw to Johnson's side of the field. It was the right ball for Gracy, because Johnson was caught on one-on-one coverage. The ball was well-thrown and right in the receiver's hands, but again Johnson made a great play to break it up and even came down with the catch (but it was out of bounds).

Scott Johnson, you are my unsung hero of the week.

Now it's your turn. Who gets your vote? Michael Reed and his shifty moves? Brian Kariya and his pretty little run into the end zone? Reed White and his diving goal-line catch?

Who is your unsung hero of the week?


Trevor said...

Dallas Reynolds - D-Renny stepped in at center for the first time (as a starter) and performed beautifully. The one fumbled snap was totally Max's fault. Both he and the coaches acknowledged that. It's great to have an all-league guy you can move to any position you want and not miss a beat. You know how I love the big fellas up front.

The Tuck Man said...

There were a number of individuals that stood out to me. I'd say the game ball belongs to Pitta (how does a TE with 222 yards in a single game not even get a whiff at player of the wk? Beyond me! At least a acknowledgment woulda been fine!) On the other hand to me ny unsung hero would be clawson (benchplayer not expected to contribute ends up with 6 tackles). Give that boy some playin time!

Parley said...

Scott Johnson is a great choice.

I'll pick Matt Baumann for BTOHOW, (BYU's Top Obscure Hero of the Week). He didn't have any huge plays that stood out like Coleby Clawson's, but he quietly led the team in tackles with 5 solo and 6 assisted tackles and one caused fumble.

He did make two particularly nice plays which were actually the same play twice. Two times, UNI tried to run a screen pass for their RB on the right side. Both times, Baumann was the only defender there to stop it. It could have been bad, but Baumann anticipated the play each time, beat the blockers to the spot, and stuffed the runner for no gain or a loss.

Definitely a heads-up player.

Rock said...

I'll go with Reed White. That diving catch on the 1-yard line was fantastic.

Adam said...

I like the Bauman pick, Parley. I remember the screen passes you referred to, and you're right- if Bauman hadn't been Johnny-on-the-spot those plays would have gone for some big yards.

Instead Bauman ran down tailback Corey Lewis and made some great open field tackles.

Dave said...

You can't overestimate the sponsors for the game--especially Tucanos.

Mars said...

I vote Matt Bauman, BYU's leading tackler and all around good guy.

I boo Scott Johnson and Reed White. Johnson's "knock down" was a dropped ball, the receiver's mistake, and nothing more (lucky us). And Reed White is a robot when it comes to the return game.

Which reminds me- O'Neill Chambers is awesome. He needs to get involved more, along with Collie, Michael Reed, Spencer Hafoka, and Luke Ashworth!