Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cougar Tipoff

Who’s going to the Cougar tipoff tonight?

If you do end up going, make sure to track me down somewhere. I’ll buy you a coke.

Yes, I’ll be there. Did anyone doubt? The wife has plans, I just passed Guitar Hero Aerosmith, there’s nothing good on TV—the stars have aligned to allow me to enjoy a night of Cougar basketball.

(Well, I guess I shouldn’t say there’s nothing good on TV tonight. I mean, you’ve got the potential final game of the World Series and the Jazz season-opener. By “nothing good” I guess I meant no Gossip Girl or Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style.)

I’m sure there are no surprises here, but I am seriously loving on Cougar b-ball right now. Coach Rose has me in the palm of his hand. He could ask me to vote Obama in a week and I would do it.


Anyway, I’m pumped to see the basketball season begin. I know a lot of people like to concentrate solely on football this time of year, but I love the overlap. The more nights-per-week I can fill with BYU sports the better.

I’m particularly interested in seeing the newcomers get some action tonight (and I don’t mean the action they already get every weekend at King Henry, if you catch my drift).

Here are the newcomers:

Jackson Emery—Not really a newcomer, but new off his mission. Love this guy.

Charles Abuo—Freshman from Logan. I’ve heard people compare him to Mike Hall.

Noah Hartsock—Oklahoma player of the year in HS. Fresh off a mission.

LaMont Morgan—RS JuCo transfer. Supposedly very quick—good for defense.

James Anderson—Meh. We’ll see about this kid.

Michael Boswell—Never heard of him.


Lee Cummard—Lee! Deliver us!

Jonathan Tavernari—JT Monaaaaaaaay!

Chris Miles—Love this guy. Just ask Brett.

Gavin MacGreggor—Love the defensive position. Remember the squat?

Jimmer Fredette—Jimmer is the man.

Michael Loyd—The master of the alley-oop.

Archie Rose—Hope Archie sees a lot of PT this year (meaning, I hope we blow a lot of teams out).

Matt Pinegar—I think BYU puts a guy named Pinegar on the team every once in a while just to keep donations coming in.

Solid group. I can’t wait to see how they play tonight.


Rock said...

Can't make it; I've got one more night with the niece. Besides, most people that sit by me feel uncomfortable.

Mark Petersen said...

I'm starting to realize that you and me think too much alike. I'm so stoked for basketball season that I'm not really that exited for the rest of football season (except for the Utah game).

I agree with the assesment on the team. I'm exited to see what the newcomers can do. Especially Emery, Morgan, Abouo, and Hardtsock.

I'll be there tonight! I'll probably find a seat down on the east side so I can sit down and actually enjoy the game. Where you gonna be at?

Justin said...

I was there and you didn't buy me a coke. You owe me onwe

Dave said...

By the way, my last name is Pinegar.