Wednesday, October 01, 2008

MWC predictions: Week 6

I know, I know. One week it’s power rankings, the next week it’s predictions. I have no consistency—I’m well aware.

Here are my predictions for MWC teams in week six. Disagree if you dare.

Oregon State at No. 15 Utah: Quizz Rodgers is a tough little guy, but the Beavers won’t have enough to knock off a motivated Utah team at home. Utah 34, OSU 21.

No. 8 BYU at Utah State: This game will be over by halftime. Actually, it will be over after BYU’s first touchdown. BYU 49, USU 6

UNLV at Colorado State: Ah, the much-anticipated battle of “Who disappointed the MWC the most in week 5?” Colorado State pulls out a close one. CSU 17, UNLV 14.

Navy at Air Force: The battle for the Commander-in-Chief Trophy rages on. Rivaled only by the battle of who could care less (Ben Folds Five). Air Force 23, Navy 21

San Diego State at TCU: Sheesh. How many cupcake teams does TCU need on its schedule this year? TCU 42, SDSU 21.

Wyoming at New Mexico: Strap yourselves in, people, because this could turn into an old-fashioned, hootin’ tootin’ shoot out real quick. Or it could suck. New Mexico 15, Wyoming 9 (all field goals).

NON-MWC UPSET OF THE WEEK: No. 13 Auburn at No. 19 Vanderbilt. Have you seen Auburn play the past couple of weeks? I rest my case. Vandy 20, Auburn 17.


Justin said...

Blocked PAT. Nice touch.

Travis said...

Unlv has actually made some improvement this year. They have decent talent at the skill positions and finally seem to be overcoming the incompetent coaching staff. CSU blows. You're wrong on this one. Mark it down.

Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

May the War Eagle come down and peck the crap out of your eyes. I just want you to know that your guess for the Utah State game is almost the same as mine. I'm going with 42-6.

Evan said...

I have been a faithful reader for sometime now. I would say about 95% of the time agree with you. But here comes one of the 5%, your Utah 34, OSU 21 prediction. You aren't even giving the Beavs the spread?! Come on. Go Beavs, expect another post from me friday morning on another great win for Beaver Nation.

Rock said...

Adam, the last thing I'd want to do is inflate your ego even more, but your line, "the much-anticipated battle of 'Who disappointed the MWC the most in week 5?'" was pretty dang good.

I predict that Gaskins will drive for two touchdowns after Max is pulled early in the third quarter.

Anonymous said...

Cougars rule yewts drool