Tuesday, October 07, 2008

October baseball

It’s time to take a quick time out from football to talk a bit about what happened yesterday in the world of baseball.

I know baseball isn’t the most popular subject, and frankly that’s a cryin’ shame. How can you not love baseball? Especially in October?

It’s concentration. It’s coordination. It’s pressure. It’s heroism. It’s endurance.

Each team is capitalizing on the others’ weaknesses; each manager is using careful strategy to gain any advantage possible. Pitchers and batters duel—each trying to stay one mental step ahead of the other.

It’s a beautiful game.

And yesterday was a big day. The Tampa Bay Rays closed out the Chicago White Sox to continue their historic season, and the Boston Red Sox eliminated the Anaheim Angels on the backs of Jason Bay’s double and Jed Lowrie’s game winning RBI single to left field.

So now the Rays will host the BoSox in the ALCS, and the Dodgers and Phillies will meet in the NLCS.

Who are you going for?

Personally, since I really have no allegiance to any team, I was rooting for the Chicago Cubs. It’s a shame they suck and completely wasted their season (again) and got swept in the playoffs.

Now, and after watching last night’s game, I am solidly behind the Red Sox. What can I say? It’s hard not to like Pedroia, Youkilis, Bay, Drew, Varitek and of course Big Papi. My favorite Red Sock, though, has to be Jonathan Papelbon, Boston’s very animated closer. In fact I bought “Shipping up to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys last night on iTunes in his honor.

Although I admit, I would like to see the Dodgers do well so Joe Torre can rub it in the face of the Yankee front office morons that let him go. (I wonder how they feel, in hindsight, about their decision to bring on Joe Girardi? I guess they’ll have a loooooong offseason to think about it.)

More than any one team, though, I’m a fan of baseball. And now is a great time to jump on the bandwagon.


Justin said...

I have actually tried to kick the habit this month. With my Yankees out of it, it pains me to think of a pinstripeless October. But I catch myself checking scores and watching the games every chance I get. So here are my picks for the series and who I will be cheering on:

The Hapless Rays of Tampa
The Joe/Manny Dodgers

Triz said...

That first picture pretty much sums up baseball for me......2 guys, on top of each other, grinning in ecstasy......

Rock said...

Are the Tigers still in it?

Travis said...

I hate the Red Sox. A few years ago the RedSox Bandwagon filled to capacity with fans like me who had a perfectly understandable hatred of the Yanks.

I hated the Yankees so much growing up, for a number of reasons. The same reasons that other Madden team owners would hate me when I turned the salary cap option off (if other madden team owners existed). I picked up every possible free agent if he would make my two-deep, regardless of price.

The Red Sox are the new Yanks. High payroll. Everyone cheers for them and wears their hats. For me, it's not even about the players. There aren't any REd Sox players that I really hate. In fact there aren't any baseball players I hate. I just can't stand the organization and I especially loathe the fans. If you choose to include yourself in this fairweather bunch do so with this knowledge.

I am a Mariners fan, and thats who I want in the World Series dagnabbit.

Bryce said...


I can truthfully say that I have probably been to more Dodgers games than any other team in any other sport (excluding hockey). I am pretty sure that I have been to more than BYU football games (not a lot).

Russ Nelson said...

There is nothing better then October!!! I love watching baseball especially the post season.

Travis are you out of your mind! Of course bandwagon fans are going to join when you have a successful team, but true fans stick with the team through thick and thin. Do you just like cheering on the loser, cause for a very long time we were the losers, but now we're on top and can rub it in peoples faces.

Sox in 6 over the Rays
Sox in 7 over the Dodgers

Evan said...

I hate the BoSox and have always had a hatred for LA. Go Phil's and Rays. How can you not cheer for the Rays? What a turnaround of a season! I will start watching when one team faces elimination.

Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

Adam, I wish I would have know you were such a fan, you know I work for a professional baseball team. I have all the perks that go along with that. Ross came to a game with me (I went to a game with him). Where were you all summer?