Monday, October 13, 2008

Pick 'em update: Week 7

I actually liked the win on Saturday. It was a cold, grimy, gut-busting game, but the 21-3 win was character-building for the Cougs.

The low-scoring affair caught some pick 'em players by surprise, though. The highest score recorded was by the two people that picked New Mexico's final score correctly. Those two people are BUS Nelson and Aaron, Cousin of Trevor.

Everyone, including myself, overestimated BYU's final score. I guessed it would be 52. I should have realized that New Mexico would speed up the game by running the ball 500 times, thus keeping our offense off the field.

Oh well. The Quest continues. Here are this week's scores. The total score can be found on the leaderboard on the right hand side.

Aaron, Cousin of Trevor - 30
BUS - 30
JonathanD - 29
Ali - 27
Justin - 26
Eliot - 24
Jeris - 24
Katie - 24
Boyle - 23
Cindy - 23
Jeremy - 23
Knips - 23
Lesley - 23
Mars - 23
Seth - 23
Dave - 21
Andy - 20
Becky - 20
Gus - 20
J-Snow - 20
KO - 20
Rock - 20
Rod-Dawg - 20
Suzanna - 20
Travis - 20
Trizz - 20
Ty - 20

The TCU game is on THURSDAY NIGHT this week, so if you want to keep playing get your picks to me stat!

This will be a very interesting week, as I'm sure some people will pick the Cougs to lose, in the hopes that they'll spring past the rest of the competition. Someone could make a move this week, it just depends on if they're gutsy enough to predict a loss.


Triz said...

Hey Adam, can you get me the address for anyone who picks BYU to lose this week? I'd like to drive to their house and punch them directly in the crotchal region.

Sean and Amberlea said...

I was wondering now that your on the Radio and all if you had any power to influence the halftime shows??? I am talking about diverting from the usual boring marching band repeat performance to the old school half-time field goal kick by a fan who has never kicked a ball in his life, the football toss from multiple distances and parachutes landing on targets... kinda cold to be flying but somebody wants the spotlight I am sure.