Monday, October 27, 2008

Pick 'em update

Call me crazy, but I loved the game on Saturday. Granted, our defense looked a little scary and it was painful to watch UNLV move the ball so seamlessly, but BYU stepped up when they needed to the most, and we won a thrilling game.

I mean, no game against UNLV should be that thrilling, but at least we won it.

There was one person, however, that didn't think we'd win.

Can you believe that? Some poor sap actually picked BYU to lose to UNLV this week. That sap, ladies and gentlemen, is my brother-in-law Ty. If anyone would like to harrass him in person, please email me and I will give you all his contact information.

In Ty's defense, though, he's really more of a basketball guy. Watch out for him come BYU basketball season.

Here are this week's scores:

Boyle - 30
Cindy - 30
Andy - 29
Dave - 27
Rock - 27
Eliot - 26
Lesley - 26
Trizz - 26
Becky - 23
J-Snow - 23
Justin - 23
Rod-Dawg - 23
BUS - 22
Mars - 22
Aaron, Cousin of Trevor - 20
Ali - 20
Buffalo - 20
Gus - 20
Jeremy - 20
JonathanD - 20
Katie - 20
Knipps - 20
KO - 20
Seth - 20
Ty - 0

One more thing, I won't mention any names, but some of you out there are not sending me your picks. It's your own choice, but I warn you: When the winner starts strutting around in his or her brand new BYU t-shirt, I bet you'll wish you were a little more dilligent in the ASB pick 'em game.

Next game: BYU at Colorado State.


Rock said...

Pretty strong showing by me. I have a good feeling about my pick for the CSU game, I think it could pop me back into the top 3.

For me, that free shirt is looking like a lock. I'll start sending you some of my preferences.

Jennifer said...

I actually really enjoyed that game. You may be too young to remember it, but it reminded me of an old time WAC game, lots of offense, lots of scoring and the real question is which team wins, the one that breaks serve first or the team that has the ball last? I don't know if the players felt it, but I felt less pressure to win with style points and was back to just enjoying a conference win again.

Hope the offense stays in synch and the defense finds its groove again.

Becky said...

if i remember ty won one of the previous better back off my big bro...he has big arms.

i for one, am happy to see myself (for the first time) in the upper half of the league.