Monday, October 20, 2008

Quick bites

I'm just going to jump right in.

1. BYU needs to play with some emotion.

2. What is it about our defense that makes sub-par quarterbacks look like superstars?

3. I used to think BYU could hang with any team in the nation based completely on our offense. I don't think that anymore.

4. One thing I like about Bronco: He does not make excuses. He knows it was his responsibility to get his team ready to play, and he admitted his failure.

5. Utah is up, BYU is down. Now we Cougar fans can do nothing but sit back and take all the crap that Utah flings our way. I hate it, but we have to take it.

6. Do you realize we could be 11-1 at the end of the season, playing in the Poinsettia Bowl?

7. Back to the emotion thing. TCU was fired up on Thursday night. They had this game circled on their calendar, and they were determined to rip our hearts out. They did. BYU needs to match that emotional intensity, because every team we play--especially in the MWC--is going to come after us like we just ate their children.

8. I hate weeks like this.

9. What are you feeling right now? Seriously? Anyone have a shot of optimism they can send my way?


Andy and Jessica said...

It could be worse:

BYU is not as bad as the US ecconomy.

BYU is not losing the polls in every battleground state in the nation.

BYU is not in danger (as of yet) of being bought up by the federal government.

Triz said...

No shot of optimism from me.

BYU is worse off than the economy.

I'd rather be McCain than BYU right now.

And I wish the gov't would bail us out. The offense sure didn't.

No Adam, I'm sorry......I offer no hope whatsoever. We're screwed and there's no reason to go on living.

Jennifer said...

Here's a thought if BYU TCU and Utah all finish with one conference loss and Boise State loses to one of the cupcakes remaining on their schedule; BYU goes to a BCS bowl.

How's that?

Adam said...

Jennifer, that was just what I needed to hear.

Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

You know I'm off 24 hour suicide watch and things are starting to look up. I still have deep rooted problems but atleast I'm willing to keep on breathing. That has to be worth something right?

lesley said...

Let's just say I could play QB against our defense. I'd love to destroy that 15 yard cushin at the line of scrimmage - could probably do it with my off-hand.

(that's sarcasm of course, but you get my point)

Jonathan said...

Well in my mind it's not that bad. We know what the problem is, and it's a fixable problem.

It could be worse. It could be both offense & defense.

I think this game sucked but I think it willbe a good thing for BYU. It kind of woke them up to reality. It showed them they had a weakness and now they can go bad to the drawing board and figure it out. They will be a stronger team becasue of it.

Adversity is all part of the "persute of perfection." We can't expect to be perfect unless we understand our weaknesses and find a way to strengthen them. Unfortuneately there will be some bumps along the way.

It's just one game, I know there was a ton riding it and some dreams have been shattered, but we are that much closer to our BCS busting dreams.

Lastly, we need to hire some of the SCC referees to come & arm-check some of the players on the other team!! ha ha ha..

Justin said...

Unfortunately I have dealt with the disappointment with complete lack of interest. By that I mean, Until this, I haven't read a thing about the game. In fact, I forgot who we played this week until I got the cougar crazies beat the bookie email. I am not off the band wagon, I just stepped off to take a leak while the driver is fixing a flat tire. I'll be back next week.

Rock said...

Nice, Justin.

Jennifer, what about Tulsa and Ball State?

Lori said...

You play UNLV next. That should be encouragement.

- Cousin Lori