Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I'm going through my traditional mid-season slump.

I want to write about the Cougs. I want to write about the World Series. I want to be witty and informative... but I just can't can't find the motivation.

Any suggestions?


JaiJai Jillian said...

Eat ice cream :)

Rock said...

Yeah, this blog has sucked lately.

Cade said...

If I had some advice I would have given it to you when you partly-managed cadetaylor.20m.com, but since that's collecting dust - I don't know what to say.

Justin said...

Quit being a little school girl and write something. You haven't touched the G issue, or the fact that everyone is complaining about Max even though he just got named as a finalist for the O'Brien award and also got a third MWC POW award. There, I just gave you two more posts.

Triz said...

Who's complaining about Max?

Justin said...

"He doesn't spread the ball around."

"Maybe he should hang out less with Austin and Dennis so much."

"OC needs the ball or he will transfer."

"Maybe Anae turned the reins over too soon."

This is a sampling of crap I have heard around town. Note: I do not agree nor have never agreed with these opinions. That is why this would make a good blog entry.

Russ Nelson said...

Do a classic "write one out" rant about the Utes. That solves everything