Monday, November 17, 2008

Quick Bites

Ah rivalry week. The week of cold sweats, uncontrollable vomiting, night terrors and self-mutilation.

...or something less gruesome.

I don't know about you guys, but as soon as the clock hit 00:00 in Colorado Springs on Saturday (maybe even before), my mind raced forward to this week. This is one of the most highly anticipated weeks of the year, and now that it's upon us I think I'm going to have a stroke.

This blog is going to be busy this week, and to start it off I want to jump around the world of sports like a 12-year-old with a new pair of galoshes.

*First of all, I just want to say that I predicted the BYU/Air Force game exactly. Yeah, I know I've mentioned it twice now. Wanna fight about it?

*Pop quiz: how do you beat the Utah Jazz? Play them anywhere other than Salt Lake City.

*Is anyone else wondering what Bumbling Jim Boylen had to say to the crowd at the Huntsman Center when Utah lost to (Div II) SW Baptist on Saturday night? "We came out a little tight..."

*Real Salt Lake was inches away from earning their first-ever berth to the MLS Cup before falling short to the NY Red Bulls. In related news, I ordered the spaghetti and meatballs at La Vigna on Saturday night. It wasn't bad. Also, apparently they're starting to play soccer professionally here in the states. More on that soon.

*My NFL team of choice? The New York Giants. BYU alum Bryan Kehl could get his first Super Bowl ring as a rookie. Eat that, Eric Weddle! Meanwhile John Beck is checking the classifieds...

*This one's for Justin: Kudos to Jimmie Johnson for picking up his third consecutive trophy... thingy... in NASCAR. The man drives a mean stick.

*Boise State is BYU's half-retarded cousin.

*Dennis Pitta suffered a sprained MCL on Saturday and is a game-time decision for this week's matchup at Utah. Call me crazy, but even if Pitta doesn't play (I think he will, but even if he doesn't) I think BYU will still find some great production at the TE spot from Andrew George. The blessing of having a full stable of incredibly talented tight ends.

*Would you rather... A. BYU blow out Utah by 20+ points, B. BYU beat Utah on a miracle play, thus inspiring more "righteous living" smack for another year, or C. win $68,000 on Deal or No Deal?

*Two things I want BYU to work on this week: Play with emotion, and don't jump when the Utes do that silly defensive shift on the line. Freaking cheaters.

That's all I can think of now. Like I said, check back often, as ASB will be humming like a Mohican Tomahawk during this rivalry week.


Justin said...

Jimmie Johnson is the man. I mean, dang, he is only the second driver in NASCAR history to take the cup three years in a row.

Actually I don't watch NASCAR, but I do watch Sportscenter so I know as much about it as i do NBA (pre-playoffs), womens college b-ball (go Vols!), and world series of poker (seriously, some guy won $9 million last week) combined.

I would love to see Collie run it up the gut from the wildcat formation. Find a way to get that guy the rock!

Cade said...

I hope you stick to your word and post often. What am I expected to do on days with no posts? I mean seriously?

Jonathan said...

Wow, nice round the world on the blog. I am pretty mad that I will not be at the game this weekend. Stupid moving crap. Anyway heckly your little heart out for me. The U of U was only started because BYU could not accept all the applications, and ths the bitterness. Utah is a second hand school.


ali said...


if you can believe it, I too am excited and nervous about this week's game and I really wish I could go see it.

I've had the BYU fight song in my head for a couple of days now...

Travis said...

good to see you in person last weekend. did you just break a promise? I recall something about the ASB mission statement swearing to never mention real salt lake soccer.

anyways. bsu really sucks and they are a joke of a program.

Adam said...

It's funny, Travis, you are the second person to tell me I promised never to talk about Real Salt Lake.

Sorry, everyone. I promise never to talk about that trainwreck ever again.

Travis said...

it's ok. I know it was meant as a joke. It's just that promising outright not to do something, and then doing that very thing seems kind of...Urban Meyer.