Monday, November 10, 2008

The confidence of KO

I probably shouldn't make a habit of sharing my personal correspondance, but I thought Cougar fans everywhere would benefit from reading this email I received today from my dad.

He was writing to my brother and me, discussing the current situation BYU faces. Here it is, straight from the bull's mouth:

Ok you guys. I’m going all out on this and putting it in the record.

BYU will beat AF, not a blowout, but a convincing win: 35-21.
Afterward, BYU will be ranked 12 or 13 in each poll and 14 in the BCS.

Utah will beat SDSU handily and be ranked 6th.

The game on the 22nd will have national attention. #12 playing #6 with BCS ramifications.

BYU will then beat Utah 28-17.

Utah will fall to #12 and BYU will be #10 in all polls and #12 in the BCS.

At this point, regardless what Boise State does, BYU will go to a BCS bowl.

Bronco will coach one more year and begin to host his own talk show on MTV.

Take it to the Bank.

By the way, [those scores] represent my official predictions.

I'm putting this out there to the masses. What do you think of dear old dad's predictions? Almost Nostrademus-like, isn't it? I can't wait to re-visit this post on November 23.


Triz said...

I like KO's optimism. Trust me. And I can dig his Utah game prediction, but not the BCS prediction. There's no way we go over Boise State if they're undefeated. I'm somewhat afraid we wouldn't even jump Utah if we beat them because there's such a large disparity in ranking. It would take us pounding Utah and Boise State losing for us to get in. That would likely be enough for us to jump Ball State.

And how can both Utah and BYU be ranked #12 at the end of the year? I didn't follow that part.

KO is a lot of me on that one once again. But he is no Nostradamus.

Maker said...

Agreed with triz.
As much as we would love BYU in a BCS game, I don't see them getting the nod over an undefeated B.S.(ha!). Crud.

Rock said...

Yeah, KO didn't really account for Boise St or Ball St. But I sure pray he's right--even if he's only right about the BYU-Utah score.