Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Goodbye to LES for another year

It just hit me.

Unless I somehow step in a whole pile of crazy and decide to go to Stadium of Fire 2009, I won't be walking the hallowed concourses of LaVell Edwards Stadium again until next football season.

I didn't even realize it when I was watching BYU fly all over San Diego State, but I'm coping with it now and I can see I'm going through the classic stages of grief.

Shock and Denial: "Are you kidding me? There's no way football season is almost over."

Pain and Guilt: "Why didn't I tailgate more? Why didn't I offend more of my fellow fans? Why won't the hurting stop?"

Anger and Bargaining: "It doesn't have to end... Anyone want to road trip to the Air Force game?"

Depression, reflection, lonliness: "Football season ended so fast. What am I going to do now? I can't bear another offseason."

The upward turn: "Then again, I've had a lot of fun this year. Remember that time Russ ate a whole fist full of ketchup at that tailgate?"

Reconstruction: "Basketball season is coming up..."

Acceptance and hope: "Another great year at LES. A record-breaking home winning streak, beautiful weather for every home game, great friends... I can't wait till next year."

Thanks for another stellar home season, LaVell Edwards Stadium. 2008 brought with it the third-straight undefeated season at home, and broke the record of consecutive home wins.

Hopefully the LES magic will continue through 2009 and beyond.


Shareen said...

Beautiful weather, except if you sat in the shade in the north endzone during the New Mexico game. I swear my toes were more cold than when I sat through the snowstorm the year before. But I was happy to be there! Go Cougs!!! Ground Air Force!!

Jennifer said...

I had similar thoughts. If I think back to Northern Iowa it seems long ago, but I can't believe we're done at home. I don't like these two game road trip season finales. At least we know we'll finish at home in LES, hopefully Thanksgiving weekend.

I've enjoyed your blog.

Kudos to the cougs for the 3 season home win streak. I still have vivid memories of the first homegame loss I experienced. It was SDSU 1992. Marshall Faulk ran for over 1000 yards, John Walsh threw a pick six and we were always two scores behind until we made a defensive stop with under two minutes left down 45-38 and then we muffed the punt return and SDSU recovered. I joined the deflated mass of humanity as we shuffled down the stadium ramp in the south endzone. Not good times.

So happy 2006-2008 didn't offer any opportunities for repeat. Thanks Bronco.