Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy about the win

I hope everyone had a good and decent Halloween, attending your various parties and werewolf bar mitzvahs.

I had a great weekend, thanks in large part to the events of Saturday afternoon.

I’m talking specifically, now, about BYU’s dramatic come-from-behind, last-minute, this-win-shouldn’t-be-this-close win over Colorado State.

I know there were a lot of negatives about that game on Saturday—our entire defense, for example—but I’d like to focus today on the positives of yesterday’s win. Why? Because as I was driving home after the game, that’s all I could think about. While I was watching, sure, I was pulling my chest hair out yelling at the defense for doing everything wrong. And yes, I was silently preparing to make a J.J. DiLuigi voodoo doll after his fumble, but after the game I was just happy we won.

Look for some posts later this week detailing my immense heartache concerning BYU’s defense, but today is a happy day.

Specifically, I was all smiles about Max Hall and his game-winning drive.

That was a great drive, and I didn’t fully realize it until after the game.

What we witnessed on Saturday was a very special thing. We saw a tough-as-nails quarterback lead his team the length of the field in a handful of plays, completely dissecting the defense, taking his time, cool and composed and ending the drive with a game-winning touchdown.

Hall was as cool as the tile in your bathroom in the middle of the night.

He bulleted passes to Unga, Collie and Pitta without even blinking. He knew he was winning that game. That last drive brought out the Max Hall we all know and love. It was that drive that reminded me how much I like that guy.

(What did you think of the tile simile? Did it work for you?)

Hall ended the day with 389 yards, 5 TDs and 1 INT. Whose fault was that INT, by the way? Hall’s or Kariya’s for turning around when Hall let the pass go? Please discuss.

Anyway, I know these nailbiters are going to give some of us some premature heart complications, and I know the fact that we are just barely beating teams like CSU and UNLV is worrisome, but I very much enjoyed that game yesterday. I enjoyed our win, and I’m looking forward to a much-needed break next Saturday when BYU hosts 1-8 San Diego State in our final home game.


Triz said...

Tile simile didn't work for me. Didn't flow smoothly.

As for pass to Kariya, Bronco said it was a bad decision on Max's part. Trying too hard to make a play.

And I'm also happy with the win, but agree with a commenter on my blog that said he feels like Bronco is kind of being apathetic about where we're at.

Justin said...

I was happy too. At this point margin of victory isn't as important to me as it once was. I don't enjoy the stress that comes with the close games. And I especially don't enjoy the nitpicking of the fans after a close game like this. But I did enjoy the ride home with the radio off and the window rolled down just enjoying the feeling of victory.

I understand that the fans, me included, do not feel the same about the abilities of this team as we did after the UCLA game. But we won this game and I felt like we lost once I got home and had to face the "What is wrong with Harvey?' and "Our defense sucks" and "Why is our play calling so predictable?". Well our D may be struggling and fans have the right to be upset. But the whole world knows we are bad on D. Yelling at the TV and trying to convince me that we are THAT bad isn't accomplishing anything. Tell me something I don't know. And our offense is just fine. We had a hiccup against TCU, but I feel confident that they will get the job done. I just don't see what all the fuss is about.

Note: This is in no way directed at ASB. Just frustrated with roommate talk and elder's quorum talk about cougar football.