Monday, November 03, 2008

Is it time to hope again?

Blame the BCS. They have given me more hope in what I thought was a hopeless season.

I don't understand the numbers, the formulas, the rankings or the rules, but however the BCS computers work their black magic, they put the BYU Cougars at No. 15 this week.

No doubt it was due in large part to several teams ahead of us losing on Saturday. Including Tulsa, thank goodness.

BYU, now, is very much in the BCS hunt... again. At No. 15, BYU would qualify for a BCS bowl game if they stay ahead of the conference champion from a BCS conference. Right now BYU is ahead of two BCS conference leaders: (19)North Carolina (ACC), and (25)West Virginia (Big East).

There are only three things standing in our way: Boise State, TCU and Utah. These three non-BCS teams are currently ahead of us in the standings, and would each be chosen before BYU if they don't lose.

If they do lose, however, they would most likely fall below BYU in the BCS standings.

So, as one who wants to see BYU fulfill its BCS destiny, I am anxious to see these three things happen:

1. Utah needs to beat TCU on Thursday night. I know it's painful, but it's time to just admit it: we need Utah to win. It does nothing but help BYU, people. Put away your debilitating pride.

2. Boise State needs to lose. They have upcoming games against Utah State, at Idaho, at Nevada and at home against Fresno State. In other words, I am now a huge Nevada Wolfpack/Fresno State Bulldog fan.

3. BYU needs to beat Utah. Utah, if they continue winning, will be a top five team when BYU rides thick into SLC. Beating Utah would not only give us a huge boost, but it would knock off the one remaining non-BCS team ahead of us (providing both No. 1 and No. 2 above happen).

I will say, though, that none of those conditions matter if BYU loses. BYU needs to win every single game left on their schedule without hiccups--convincingly, if possible. If ever there is a time for BYU to start playing defense, it's now.

But... I think there's definitely a reason to hope again for us BYU fans. Do you believe?


Triz said...

I'm not confident that #1 will happen. And I'm even less confident that #2 will happen. Therefore, my lack of confidence in #3 doesn't matter so much.

Does that mean I don't believe?

Evan said...

I believe. The one that worries me is that dreadful WAC conferences that the Bronco's play high school teams in. I mean is that conference serious, wow weak. With the loss of Hawaii being good, and Fresno St falling apart they are in a world of hurt. How do we know how good Boise St is when they have a schedule that makes the Pac-10 look twice as good as the Big 12/SEC's.

I believe, I give it the same chances of happening as I do McCain winning tomorrow. About 40%

Anonymous said...

Who has BYU beaten? Really.

J.R. said...

The possibility of us getting back into a BCS bowl is definitely there. The problem is that if our Defense doesn't find itself and fast not only will it be very tough to beat Utah but we will be humiliated in a BCS bowl. IF the D doesn't fix itself, I'd prefer not to get humiliated on a network on Jan 1st.

Shareen said...

Well, Utah won, and I was screaming when they got that touchdown, much to my husband's disgust. I hate Utah as much as the next guy, but I can't stop believing in BYU. Utah HAD to win that game. If BYU beats a #6 or 7 ranked Utah, is it possible that BYU would jump an undefeated Boise St. who's played nobody? I don't want BYU to embarrass themselves in a BCS game, but I still can't help rooting for them to get there!!