Monday, November 17, 2008

Pick 'em update: Air Force

Good news: Everyone picked BYU to win this week.

Bad news: It looks like my mom just isn't going to play anymore.

Good news: I guessed the perfect score!

Bad news: No one's going to send me any mystery prize.

Good news: ...but then again, maybe...

Bad news: No. No they won't.

Good news (for Trizz): Trizz won this week with 37 points!

Bad news (for Trizz): My brother Andy is still in the lead.

Good news: The coveted T-shirt will come down to the final game of the season. Anyone could make a big move this week if they make the right pick.

Bad news: I will personally spit on the said shirt if the winner only gets it by picking a BYU loss this week.

Here are this week's scores (Total scores can be found on the right-hand sidebar):

Trizz - 37
Travis - 36
KO - 34
Andy - 33
Buffalo - 33
BUS - 33
Jeremy - 33
J-Snow - 33
Rock - 30
Seth - 30
Aaron, Cousin of Trevor - 28
Ali - 27
Boyle - 27
Knipps - 27
Lesley - 27
Mars - 27
Gus - 26
Becky - 23
Cindy - 23
Dave - 23
JonathanD - 23
Justin - 20
Katie - 20
Ty - 20

Get your picks in today for BYU's final game of the season: U t a h.


Triz said...

If Andy wins, he can have his freaking t-shirt. The only reason he'll win is because he picked BYU to lose to TCU. It turned out he was right, but it is no less traitorous. If he picks Utah to win and is right, after you spit on his t-shirt please bring it over to my house so I can take a dump on it.

If you have to win in that fashion, it's not worth it.

Andy and Jessica said...

TCU is one thing, but I am going to say this: I will not wear a shirt that was won by picking Utah. There you have it, it BYU wins this weekend, then size me up (I'll take a large). However, if there is someone out there that benefits from a Ute victory by jumping me then you might as well buy them a U of U shirt because you will feel dirty any time you are wearing it. It doesn't matter how many times you run it through the wash...