Monday, November 10, 2008

Pick 'em update: SDSU

Big points this week. A lot of pick 'em players were spot on when they picked 40-ish to 10-ish. Andy, particularly, was feeling it. He was two measly points away from a perfect prediction.

I was happy to see so much success among our participants.

Unfortunately a lot of players seem to have given up on the game alltogether. I won't point out any names (Jeris Hobbs), but some people have just given up, it seems. I get fewer and fewer picks every week, and every week I'm surprised by the names absent from my list.

Knipps? Seriously? I really didn't think you were that kind of guy.

All I have to say to those who have dropped out of the game, and you know who you are, is this: I'm very disappointed in you.

Also, and you know I hate to do this, I have to call out my sister Ali for predicting a BYU LOSS to San Diego State. Ouch, Ali. That hurts.

Here are this week's scores:

Andy - 38
Rock - 37
J-Snow - 35
Buffalo - 34
Cindy - 34
Justin - 34
Travis - 32
Eliot - 31
Jeremy - 31
Aaron, Cousin of Trevor - 29
Rod-Dawg - 29
Seth - 29
Katie - 28
Ty - 28
Mars - 27
JonathanD - 23
KO - 23
Becky - 22
Trizz - 22
Boyle - 21
Gus - 20
Ali - 0

We have two weeks left, so there's still time to make a run at the T-shirt! Next week's game: BYU @ Air Force


Justin said...

I just want to point out that I made all of my picks preseason and I am holding to them. I think that should have been in the rules.

ali said...

wow. I totally thought I picked them to win (I'm being serious) in fact, I think you are mistaken Ads, I'm going to check my email...

And just in case I'm wrong, I'm going to play the "I don't know much about football card"

Rock said...
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Rock said...

I'm back in contention!

Mike said...

Adam, if you only knew the anguish I felt Saturday at kickoff when I realized I forgot to make my pick. I won't let you down this next week.

Triz said...

I've really fallen out of the running. This BYU team is playing games with my head. I need to "step my game up!" (Jim Rome style)