Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thompson brings Broncos back to reality

I don't like the Boise State Broncos. I know a lot of BYU fans do, but I don't. I don't sympathize with them, I don't like them and I think they need to be humbled in a big way.

Well, MWC commissioner Craig Thompson did his part yesterday during the MWC's weekly conference call.

Here's the story from ESPN's Graham Watson:

"Boise talk radio show host Paul J. Schneider reported on his show earlier this week that Boise State president Bob Kustra received an invitation from the Mountain West to join the league.

The Mountain West office denied this claim and Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson addressed it during the MWC's Tuesday teleconference stating that no expansion talks were in the works. Thompson also said that he wasn't sure that if Boise State moved to the Mountain West that it would still be undefeated.

'My personal opinion is that they probably wouldn't be 12-0,' Thompson said. 'Take nothing away from Boise State, but I don't know that they would go undefeated against the top four teams that are vying for the conference championship.'"

Thank you, Mr. Thompson, for speaking words of truth. If Boise State ever played any real football teams, my inkling is that they wouldn't be enjoying these little fairy tale seasons anymore.

Stop playing Louisiana Tech on your pansy little blue field and come play BYU, Utah or TCU. Then we'll see if you can stay undefeated.

Oh and by the way, to all of you Bronco Fans that are lurking on the internets between potato harvests, I am fully aware that BYU hasn't beaten Boise State yet. So stop before you even start. Conveniently enough, you played BYU in two of its worst years EVER (and you needed a miracle to win on your home turf). We'll see how the cookie crumbles when we start our four-year series in 2010.

Anyway, do us civilized folk a favor and stay away from our conference.


Travis said...

I hate BSU slightly less than the stinking Utes. As much as we poke fun at undergraduate education at the U, BSU makes it look Ivy league. And get a new field.

jonathan said...

I would be happy to have Boise St. join the MWC. I agree, they wouldn't have their repeated undefeated seasons if in the MWC, but I think they bring a decent program to the table.

Anyway, I'm not sure they want to switch. With the way the BCS is currently set up, they are rewarded for dominating their conference each year, so why not stick with it?

Travis said...


I also want to mention that I asked you in the wednesday sports day post if you wanted to plan some kind of roadie to col. springs. I got no reply. Not in the comment section and not in my email, so I can assume you aren't that serious about supporting the cougs or just don't like me. I'll know the truth if this blog ever goes private and I am not invited. Sorry about the lack of paragraphs.

Drew said...

And what is Boise State's record against Utah, TCU and BYU? What is Boise State's record agains the whole MWC for that matter. I know of a school that needs humbling...and they also have blue on their uniforms.

Oh...wait, they already were.

Bronco P3t3 said...

For the record Boise State has never lost to Utah or BYU or to a Mountain West team for that matter! If I remember right the cougars don't know how to win against the Broncos. So it is probably a good idea not to invite the Broncos to the Mountain West, having a team that would challenge your conference leaders...probably good to stay away from a challenge.

Travis said...

BSU sucks

Bronco P3t3 said...

Follow your Leader
"...the Cougars were better than they really were; the Cougars were actually a mediocre team that benefited from a weak early schedule; the Cougar offense can actually be stopped by a good defense; Max Hall is not a Heisman lock; Bronco Mendenhall is not as good of a coach as we thought. In fact, he was out-coached by Gary Patterson; BYU is not on the same level as the major BCS schools."

Adam said...

I knew those potato peelers would crawl out of their holes eventually.

If there's one thing BSU does well, it's represent on the blogs and message boards.

Keep up the good work, Broncos. Just stay the heck away from our conference.

StatueLeft said...

Some fans of BSU see this move as a lateral transfer...You can keep the MTN network (seriously, still no hi-def....what year is this?)That being said, I am a big fan of the zoobs in two weeks against the Utes....

Sean and Amberlea said...

I hate BSU fans more than the team itself.

Eliot said...

bronco p3t3, I followed that link you posted and read the giant banner at the top saying the blog is a spoof, so how is this guy my leader?

I agree with you completely on this post, Adam. Boise St. put on one great show in that Fiesta Bowl against a Sooner team that was somewhat down that year... and they were lucky to come away with the win. Congratulations, but those trick plays don't carry you week in and week out in a good conference.

So you guys beat Oregon this year at Oregon. There's your one game for BCS credibility, and the rest of the season all you have to do is not screw up. I just think it's sketchy when a conference has only one team with fewer than 4 losses.

Jeremy said...

I'm dying to know what it is that makes Boise State uncivilized compared to Provo, Utah of all places.

Also, most of the potato harvesting that goes on in Idaho comes from the Southeastern part of the state. Or as I like to call it, "Utah jr."

It's not Boise State's fault BYU was having two of their worst years "EVER" when they played. When BYU was scheduled, I'm sure BSU was expecting more then a mediocre BYU team. Yeah, BSU barely won, but it's still a win. Kind of like your win against Washington this year. It was close and debatable but I'm sure you guys were still happy it was a win.

Boise State can't help it's WAC schedule. Believe me, as Boise State fans we're tired of playing crappy WAC teams. It's difficult at times to get all jacked up about a team like La Tech. But we have no choice.

Look at the facts. BSU has more then dominated it's conference. The WAC cripples Boise State. Most BSU fans realize Boise State wouldn't have the same type of success in the MWC, but believe me when I say Boise State would be competitive for the MWC title just as often as Utah, BYU, and TCU.
If you can't look past your bias and realize that, you're sorely mistaken.

The MWC would benefit from the extra competition.

Oh, by the way, Boise State president Bob Kustra also denied they received an invitation. Not just the MWC commish.

BSUFanatic said...

Talk about an a-hole, disrespectful fanbase. The typical excuse-laden, "0-&-2-against-BSU" BYU fan, thinks BSU is "unworthy" to be in the same league DESPITE having dominated the conference to date.

Thanks for validating what people say about BYU fans - condesending and arrogant w/out reason.

The record shows that BSU will OWN the MWC, just like they always have.

It's not all bad news for losers like you. I have complete confidence that you'll continue to ignore the ugliness on the scoreboards, choosing instead to focus on all the "reasons" why you lose, lose and lose some more.

Pssst - here's the part where you prove my point about the irony of YOUR post by accuse me of being a jerk, ignoring facts and being dilusional.

Go ahead. . .

Adam said...

Man, I love BSU fans. I swear there's a contingent of Bronco fans that just patrol the internet all day to make sure no one says anything bad about their beloved Broncos.

What, was there an early frost this year?

Aaron and Devon said...

Guess what's not just BYU fans that don't think BSU is worth diddly squat. ESPN's Mark Schlaback had this to say about the Smurf Turf Crew: "Boise State hasn't done enough this season to deserve another chance to do it [recieve a BCS birth, that is]." (

That being said, I would still welcome Boise State into the MWC. They have had and I believe will continue to have, deservedly so or not, a lot of national attention and in reality would be good for the conference and in the long run for BYU, too.

Dirk Digler said...

OHH! The big bad mountain West!! I'm sooo scared!!

Telling us to play better teams, and then telling us that they don't want to play us....

BSU is coming to the MWC, and it just may make the MWC into a BCS conference. And then, BOISE STATE WILL OWN THE MOUNTAIN WEST!!


Then, we will come down and get all of your multiple wives knocked up with Bronco children!!


Eliot said...

The more I think about it, the more I'd like to see a rematch of the Fiesta Bowl game.

Boise St. would not "dominate" the MWC if they joined. Don't get carried away. They'd be competitive, but they don't even dominate the WAC every year.

It would have been nice if you had knocked off Hawai'i last year so the nation didn't have to watch them get pantsed by Georgia. The WAC is 1-1 in BCS games; one was a squeaker and the other was embarassing... for all the non-BCS conferences.

Also, please remember to thank us when we knock off Utah for you.

Drew said...

How do the Broncos not dominate the WAC, Eliot? They're set to win 6 titles in 7 years and have lost only 2 conference games since 2002.

Does it seriously bear repeating that they've never lost to an MWC team?

Anonymous said...

I don't think they would do as well in the MWC either but give them their due. We can brag all we want in our conference but when we play them they have won. It is hard to brag when we have a losing record. I know we were down but some of the big teams we have beaten were down also. it's part of the over all picture.

Triz said...

Question for Boise State fans:

I'm having a hell of a problem with too many eyes growing on my potatoes post-harvest, not to mention some root problems pre-harvest.....any help? You guys make some dang good french fries, from growing the potatoes, to dropping them in the deep fryer at McDonald's so I figured you'd be able to help me out. I CANNOT lose this harvest.

P.S. BYU, Utah, & TCU would all beat the hell out of BSU this year. Each by 2-3 touchdowns.

StatueLeft said...

Listen Ms. Triz....I am not sure those 3 offenses could score 3 td's collectively. BYU has the only offense out of the three. While watching the TCU Utah have a TCU kicker miss two chipshots, you have the infamous TCU defense let the Utes gallop their way down the field when the game matters ( bad coaching by the d-coord)...TCU could not score and replicate the BYU success. BYU was shut down by a TCU defense. TCU defense is good but Oklahoma still scored 35 points on them, so they are beatable.

Not impressed with the top 3 schools in the MWC, you beat up on each other. You beat a Michigan team that will have a losing record. BSU beat an Oregon team that is above average but so far is a not a world beater. However once Oregon beats Oregon State in the Civil War, the Utah comeback win over OSU will be minimized.

Keep drinking the haterade..... Once again, nice television deal you buffoons have agreed too. That is the big negative when it comes to BSU making the lateral tranfer to the MWC.

BSUFanatic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BSUFanatic said...

Many I love fans who prefer uttering jr. high insults to looking at the scoreboard. Seriously, it's very satisfying.

The only thing that MIGHT be better is watching someone say something stupid and then complain when they are called out for uttering BS.

And potato comments? Seriously? That's about as tired as the multiple wives smack. But if that's how you like to roll, we can play that game too.

And your fanbase isn't represented well w/ people saying "BSU hasn't dominated the WAC". That is simply classic. What more do I expect from a group believes ANY stupid comment that supports their conclusions.

Evan said...

The WAC is the worst conference in CFB this year. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Well, Hate to admit it, but I am a BYU fan for the Holy War this year, I guess there's a first time for everything.

The patronizing talk about BSU is amusing, however, it sounds more like jealousy or envy.

Enjoy, Cougar fans, good luck.

Mars said...

Boise State has Wyoming, Utah, AND BYU scheduled in the upcoming years. Yes, I'm a BYU fan who respects and likes the Broncos. In fact, I hope they go undefeated and bust the BCS (again) this year so our stupid conference leaders will run out of excuses against adding them to our conference.

P.S. Could I be more mediocre in my BYU picks this year? Odd, because I lead the MWC board in total MWC picks going by the same point format for all 9 teams over the entire season...