Monday, December 08, 2008

I spent the night with Aggie fans

I’m sorry I have to do this, but I wanted to talk a bit about Saturday night’s game.

Actually, I don’t want to talk about the game so much, but I would like to comment on Utah State and its fans.

I know you don’t care about Utah State. In fact, I know no one outside Cache Valley cares about Utah State, but I’ll risk boring all you true sports fans out there for a bit while I speak my mind.

First of all, I want to say that the game was awesome. My heart was pumping like an overweight Texas Sherriff the entire time. Both teams delivered a great game, and I’m happy BYU won.

Second, Aggie fans totally showed up their Cougar counterparts. I was sitting in the middle of the court so I could clearly see both student sections. The USU student section showed up earlier, they were louder, they were more organized and they had a bigger impact on the game. I was disappointed in my fellow BYU fans (especially the students), and I was also impressed with Utah State. You can’t say they lack passion.

And that’s all the good I’ll say about Aggies.

By and large, Aggies are pathetic people and I don’t understand them. I was looking at the rabble they call students and I was just bewildered. Hicks, dullards, pseudo-rebels, jack Mormons, degenerates and uglies. Every single one of them.

Their entire identity is that of a whiny, insufferable little sister. They are constantly throwing a tantrum because they live in the shadow of two bigger, better universities. Their only pride comes from envy/hatred (the “yBu” shirts that were so prevalent at the game are evidence).

They’re more animal than the cow that founded their college, and everywhere I looked I saw more and more prime cut, Grade A examples. The Aggie fan who won a contest on the court and then ran over to the BYU student section to give the Degeneration X “Suck it” sign, the group of Aggie students that started to give BYU the bird after a BYU point, and the twenty-something Aggie chick scratching, clawing and swearing at a middle-aged BYU dude after the game (all personally witnessed by yours truly) just confirm that USU students and fans probably shouldn’t be allowed in public.

What’s the deal, Utah State? Why do we BYU fans irk you so much? In the words of Kevin Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves: “Did we wrong you in another life?”

I just don’t get it. I don’t get their whole mentality. You can’t build a program around hate, it just doesn’t work.

I remember thinking to myself after both this basketball game and the football game back in October that if USU fans could get this emotionally involved and excited for every game—and not just BYU games—then maybe they’ll be able to compete with the Louisiana Techs of the world. They may even make a name for themselves.

But they can’t, and won’t. Aggies are too pathetically simple-minded. They’ll concentrate all their hate and energy on their “Holier than thou” neighbors to the south, and keep being outraged at all the perceived indignities they suffer at the hands of us BYU fans.

And that, to a T, is Aggie Agony—hating us so much, but never, ever being able to do anything about it.


Mitch Harper said...

Aggie fans were definitely a joke. I thought their organized cheers were High Schoolish but I will give them credit for getting amped up for the game. They treated it like it was the Final Four.

What was most pathetic about their students was when they started chanting "Dave Rose Sucks." How do you say something like that about a class act guy like Rose? Aggie fans are worthless and can go storm the Spectrum floor this year against mediocre teams.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment of Aggie fans. I had a similar experience when I attended the football game, complete with post game bewilderment at the passion their inferiority complex inspires.

I will say this, however. You dilute your argument and call your judgment into question when you quote Kevin Costner from any movie other than the Untouchables or possibly Bull Durham. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves? Seriously?

Travis said...

Aggie fans can console themselves this winter with the feeling of cold hands on warm bovine teats.

Aggie Agony has a nice ring to it. I might be that for Halloween next year, if I still remember who Utah State is.

What a pathetic bunch of losers. Of course, what do you expect from
the cellar-dwellers of the Western Athletic Conference, the class of which is the Boise Broncos?

Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

Adam I can see you are still a little bit bitter about last month, but I'm glad to see you back. I was pretty impressed at the USU fandom and a disappointed that BYU fans didn't show.

That being said, I think you need to be more respectful and do a better job representing your church (almost a direct quote from last weeks game).

Much love AO and I hope that your back for good.

Sam Boyle said...

As an Aggie fan and student I disagree with this post. Sure we have some lame cheers and some fans that get out of line every once in a while but so does BYU (Star Wars, Popcorn Popping, Captain Aye' Joe).

The game on Saturday just proved that we have more school spirit when it comes to basketball. There are more Aggie Basketball Crazies out there than Cougar Basketball Crazies (probably added excitment helped by our dismal football team).

True, there was extra excitement because it was a semi-rivalry game but it didn't differ from a typical Aggie basketball game in that we have devoted fans.

On a side note, Utah State is not an inferior basketball team that has to worry about Louisiana Tech. They have had a better basketball program over the last 10 years than BYU (more overall wins and wins in the NCAA Tournament).

We are competin

Anonymous said...

Each time that I read your blog, I am surprised at the negativity that is present throughout your writing. I wish that there were something I could say to pacify your indignant ranting, but it would seem that is not possible. Perhaps you should try antidepressants like the rest of Utah Valley.

Your best friend, Ashley said...

Although I have missed out on both the football and basketball games this year, I will say it has been fun reading people’s reactions to the USU fans’ lack of “class.” I will admit- we Aggies have our moments (the ‘suck it’ sign? Really?).

But I can sleep at night after reading a fellow Aggie’s blog where she related a true story about a BYU super-mom sitting in front of her at the BYU-USU football game who was nursing TWO children at the same time without making any effort to cover-up or be discreet. Let’s chat about class…And about bovines.

Our football team may be the worst in the nation- our basketball team may have lost by 5 points… but you cannot find more enthusiastic fans. Inferiority complex? Not quite. EVERYONE gets treated that way in the Spectrum.

Evan said...

Adam you really have a way of pulling these random fans out of the woodwork to defend their teams. Whether its the Utes, Aggies, Broncos, and I wonder who is next Arizona.

I must admit I was conflicted on the vote, I voted for Dances with Wolves, but my heart is with Robin Hood, in fact just thinking about it I may have to go rent it, a true legendary film.

I watched the game on BYU TV. From TV it didn't seem like there were any BYU fans in the sold out Arena. I was so confused why BYU was wearing white, when they clearly felt like the away team. Maybe they were all at home hoping 'Bama beat old Urban and Tebo...nope.

Rock said...

I bought Dances with Wolves last week from Walmart. It was only 2 bucks. Man, that movie is looong. I voted for Robin Hood.

Back to the Aggies, I just think it's kind of cute how they try so hard. They're like a little kid trying to ride a bike without training wheels: despite falling, they get up and give it heck one more time.

Rock said...

Oh, and see that moron with the light, plaid jacket in the front row? I almost got in a fight with him at Crown Burger. Dude's an idiot.

Travis said...

After there player choked at the line to seal the game for us, I waited for the "We're not virgins...clap clap clapclapclap" cheer. That one is reserved for football only I guess.

Jason Sanders said...

(I apologize for the lengthiness of this comment but it's better I say it now than at the Christmas party and second, I know ASB has moved on to other topics but I was just directed to your post this morning)

Alright Adam if anyone appreciates your cynical side it’s probably me. However your snide remarks have gone a bit too far. There are only four things in life I ever feel I need to defend: my church, my dysfunctional family, Stockton-Malone being the greatest duo never to win a ring, and Utah State.

First, you should know there are no hard feelings. If anyone was to be so ignorant about Utah State it would be you, you’ve never even given it a chance. Think back to A.L.E.; you wouldn’t even think twice about going.

As far as Utah State athletics are concerned, you may have a few things right. Yes the so-called “rivalry” between USU and BYU is taken much more seriously by the Aggies but so what? Let us make it a bigger deal than it really is. We’re the underdogs, the no-names, the cow college way up North and it feels good to upset the “Mighty Cougs.”

And yes, as of late our student section hasn’t always exemplified the greatest sportsmanship but when it comes to athletics no team’s fans are perfect. To assume the whole student body is one way because of a few outspoken fans is preposterous. Not to mention you probably shouldn’t take things so literal, the “Suck It” sign. If I were given the chance to give BYU’s student section the “Suck It” sign, you can bet I would have too. Not out of spite but as a mere joke, because clearly you Cougs know how juvenile and immature us Aggies are.

We haven’t built a program around hate. If you knew anything about Stew Morrill’s character you wouldn’t have said such a foolish comment. Look at the game the other night, the Y clearly had the talent and Utah State clearly had the heart. Sadly the heart didn’t measure up this time around.

Lastly, it is one thing to take a shot at our basketball program but to take a shot at the character of an Aggie is a low-blow. Yes, we do have our hicks, pseudo-rebels and jack Mormons (I think saying we have dullards, degenerates and uglies is going a little far) but we also have our city slickers, actual bad-boys, and Molly Mormons too; that’s the beautiful part about Utah State. We take everyone and we love ‘em for who they are. Groups inner-mix at Utah State, people accept people for who they are. And the truth is you are not going to find that down in Cougar Nation.

Take for example our mutual friend Sam Boyle. The guy goes to lift weights at USU in his T-shirt, jeans and Ecco dress shoes. And today he is one of the most celebrated faces on campus; all love him for his quirky and dry sense of humor. Would that ever happen in CougarNation? No. He’d be treated with as much respect as B-Money is.

It’s not to say you won’t find friends at the Y, you will but it seems you can only be friends with those who think like you, who act like you, who dress like you. So it just depends on what you’re looking for but you’ll find friends. Example, you want to hook up with some sweet bro’s named Chad? No problem, sell security systems for a summer. Or are you looking to impress a group with your new American Apparel T-Shirt? Hang around King Henry long enough, those wannabe-hipsters are around.

My personal experience of hanging out with people in Provo tells me that individualism is frowned upon. You’ll only find acceptance within your own people; there’s no love or mutual respect from clique to clique, no sense of camaraderie. In my opinion, you guys are missing out and that’s what makes Utah State so special.

In closing, I do not think that those enrolled in the Y are pathetic? No, it has clearly proven itself has a fine institution for higher-level education (but so has Utah State; I honestly don’t think a lot of Cougars know that). I’ve had siblings and close friends attend school there and for the most part they’ve been happy with their college experience. Now, let me give some final props to BYU by indulging in one of the most unoriginal and stupid cheers heard across this country: Raw, raw, raw, raw, raw, raw, raw, raw, raw, raw, Goooooooooooooo Cougars!

Adam said...

Man, what do they put in the water up in Logan? Utah State has taken all my Utah County friends and completely brainwashed them.

Funny, I always thought BYU was the school of blind obedience and allegience.

Jason, great comment. You did a good job painting USU as the bastian and haven for rag-tag individualists who can't find a place in this world. It's a regular 1960s Utopia up there.

I also appreciated the hypocritical "Don't judge the entire population by some of its members" argument--punctuated by a prompt judging of BYU based on a few of its students.

But like you said, nothing personal. Tell Ned I said hi.

Fire-in-Eyes said...

This is what makes them super fans, as opposed to robotic coogar oats that march like storm troopers and pay more attention to the latest COSMO MOVIE than they do the game they are attending. Good grief.

Anonymous said...

Nothing personal is right. But it was a bit harsh to generalize 18,000 students with your narrow minded approach to a university outside of BYU. Heaven forbid there be people in this world that are not mormon and appreciate diversity. Good luck leaving Utah County and entering the real world.

Kate Gildea said...

The thing that makes me sad is reading this post is its 5 minutes of my life that I can't get back....great generalization. And AO, this is why Aggie fans hate BYU...just to generalize...

Neutral said...

BCS Busters!!! Another Vegas Bowl appearance, oh wait....4th in a row and what a great game. Did the more righteous team win? Where's the story on that? So I guess when you live righteously it shows on the field/court eh? The Quest continued to Vegas.

I'm not stooping to a low level here when I say this, but seriously, anyone with half a brain that lives "outside the bubble" can read this and see that this is a typical self righteous response.

It seems as though the only reason Cougar fans like to mock Aggie fans is because of how "The Quest" seems to not go their way, so quickly they must find someone to put down and make themselves feel superior and puff themselves up. You, being the example.

Thank you for reiterating how correct I was on not attending BYU. However, you do have a right to express an opinion, but so do I, and here it is:

I'm suprised you were able to leave the bubble and venture to SLC, I hope you quickly returned home to repent for seeing USU cheerleaders in tops that show their stomachs and shoulders.

As others have said, it appears the rivalry is a fun in state game. To bad BYU head coach Dave Rose nearly ended the rivalry. To say neutral court games add a new "competitve edge to the game" is the weakest excuse I have heard. Almost as lame as "rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah Go Cougars" If this was his intention, then why has this new "competitive edge" not happened against other in state teams?

Emotion aside it was a great game with an overrated program barely squeezing by a very young team. To even say heart vs. talent is almost too much. This game had great intensity from both sides, and I think both Cougar and Aggie fans can say the same.

I'm sure there are fans on both sides who make their respective school look foolish. Anywhere you go you can see that. But to generalize all Aggie fans like that? Screams self righteous as do your own foolish fans.

But thanks for sharing your opinion.

State of Arizona = 2
BYU = 0