Monday, December 15, 2008

Jazz Brass: Please trade this man

Carlos Boozer pictured here on the bench after suffering a hard shove in the back. Boozer is expected to miss another 6-12 weeks with a back strain.


Travis said...

is this a byu sports blog or jazz online? Let us all remember the glory days of the awful jazz were when they won ZERO championships with stockton and malone and the sonics were kicking their butts with a cocaine addicted shawn kemp who had the scoring skills of dennis rodman. Jazz fans, it will never get better than that. You will always be known as the other team in the picture for Jordan's "last" shot.

Enjoy irrelevance. Way too many Ute fans are jazz fans too.

Anonymous said...

To Adam's credit the title of the site is "Adam's SPORTS Blog"

So he can post about anything Sports he wants.

However, as a Laker fan living in Salt Lake I enjoy seeing the Jazz struggle. :) And yes, Jazz fans are basically Ute fans.

Go Cougs! Go Lakers!

Adam said...

I hate sharing the Jazz with Utes.

Rock said...

Dude's only played in like 70% of the games since he got picked up by the Jazz.

Jason Holker said...

F*cking p*ssy.