Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Maybe government is the answer!

After years of living the life of a free-wheeling, fast-living, small-government conservative, maybe it's time I finally admit that the government has the answer... the BCS.

First it was Barack Obama calling for a college football playoff on a nationally televised interview, and now this, as reported on Congressman wants to replace BCS with playoff

Is this it? Will the government finally solve our problems???

If the DMV, the tax code and the airline industry are any indicators, they'll probably only make it worse.


Rock said...

Hey, I'll take it. Anyone that fights the BCS is OK in my book.

Mitch Harper said...

I'm all for a playoff but if it ever happened and BYU happened to be involved we would get jobbed on the seeding like we do in the hoops tourney.

I bet there would be some Sunday games played limiting BYUs seeding opportunities. I can just see it now.