Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Student Section

Finals are wrapping up over at the ol' BYU, so I would like to write an open letter to the fine students before they all go home for Christmas break.

I can only assume, after all, that every single BYU student reads my blog, right?

Students, I respectfully request that you go home and get a good week of rest over the holidays. Eat a second helping of Christmas ham, break open the non-alcoholic bubbly, reconnect with that girl in your home ward that suddenly looks a lot older these days... do whatever you need to do to recharge the batteries.

Then come back on January 3 ready to break some skulls.

Why? BYU basketball hosts No. 10 Wake Forest on January 3, and I expect the student section to shake the very structural foundations of our beloved Marriott Center. I expect passion, unity and a chorus of hoarse throats the following Sunday.

Students, you are vital to our basketball success. Do you know why BYU has a nation's-best 53-game home winning streak? Do you know why absolutely NO ONE in this country wants to play BYU in the Marriott Center? Do you know why teams like UNLV lose by 20+ points when they come to Provo? IT'S YOU. You are the team's lifeblood. Even when the Cougar Club blue-hairs are sitting on their thumbs, the BYU student section is carrying their team to victory. You, in the words of your head coach Dave Rose, make the Marriott Center magic. We'll need that magic when we play the Demon Deacons.

I've always said we are invincible when we play in Provo. Students: I'm relying on you to not make me a liar.

I know classes don't officially start until January 5, and that a lot of you are thinking about staying home that last weekend, but I would like to invite you to reconsider. Come back on the third, get yourself settled, and get to the game.

Oh, and bring all your crazy. Summon your inner Stan Watts, and get freaking loud. Wear your white (it's a white out), bring your fly swatters, think up some clever slogans for posters and get your butts in your seats 90 minutes before tipoff, minimum.

BYU is counting on you. Jimmer needs you. Get to the game.

Utah County residents and non-students: Do me a personal favor and send this letter to every BYU student or BYU supporter you know. UVU student sympathizers especially. I expect a lot out of you guys since you don't live under the confines of an Honor Code.


Andrew said...

Adam, I'm there and I'm trying to convince as many people as possible to come back early to be there for the game. Still, I'm worried about the high concentration of knuckleheads who bought airplane tickets months ago and are afraid of a little "cancellation fee." Some people really just need to get their priorities straight.

In any case, I'll be there, probably lose my voice by halftime, and I'll try and have some interesting posters that hopefully will last for longer than my last ones (Boise State with a My Little Pony for a logo) before they get taken away.


Travis said...

Oh I wish I could be there. And it's nice to get back to BYU sports. Man I hate the jazz

Justin said...

I will be there, and I sugest you sit in the student section this game and get of your thumbs and out of your dad's blue haired seats. You know where the real passion is.

(I mean no disrespect to Adam's dad with this comment. I have more then respect for the man. But if you could see how bored Adam was at the Portland game, you would recommend his move to the student section as well.)

Rock said...

Right on, 'dam. We don't get a team like Wake Forest coming into the MC very often.

I commit to keep my vocal cords active for two 20-minute stretches. NO breaks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, all us cougarz need to do is cheer like Utah State students and we could beat any team, hands down.