Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Write it out: Where do U stand?

Yes, that clever insertion of the letter U into my title does in fact signify that this post is about the Utes.

But rather than force my stuff down your throats, I want to hear from U, the reader.

Okay, that's the last time I'm going to do that.

So the bowl games have finally been organized, and I'm sure you've heard by now that Utah will be facing The Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl. This is a far cry from Pittsburgh, the also-ran Utah had to face in the 2005 Fiesta Bowl. In fact, Alabama is one of the best teams in the country (some might argue the best).

My question to you BYU fans is this: Who will you be rooting for?

Do you fall in line with the rest of the non-BCS and pull for the underdog?

Do you harbor ill-will toward Utah at all times and in all places?

Do you just like Alabama (roll tide)?

This is the question that divides families, ends marriages and makes family parties awkward. Nevertheless, it's a question we must all face: When your biggest rival is playing in the biggest game of their lives, who do you root for?

Please, discuss.


Travis said...
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Travis said...

The Utes could be playing satan and I would still root against them. I have had too many experiences with their awful fans to ever side with that ugly bunch of mouthbreathing yokels.

Trevor said...

I want Utah to get killed. I always want Utah to get killed. Always, always, always. I hate them. I don't care if it means we have to hear about how the MWC was overrated blah blah blah.....I want Utah to get killed. If it were TCU, Boise State, or any other non-BCS team, I would want them to win. But I want Utah to get killed. Literally.

Eliot said...

Adam, you left The Untouchables off your Kevin Costner poll. Great flick.

Also, I will admit that there is a part of me that wants to see Alabama lose. But the bigger part of me wants the Utes to lose embarassingly.

Rock said...

We don't need Utah to win in order to bring legitimacy to the Y. We can do that ourselves by beating FSU, ASU, and Oklahoma (maybe) next year.

Die Utes, die!

Alabama 38
Utah 3

Evan said...

This has been an internal debate I have had a number of times. But ultimately I like the rest, hate the Utes. But on the other hand I will likely be cheering for the ducks against okla st in the holiday bowl. But I never cheer for the Lakers or Utes under any circumstance.

Mike Smith said...

Looks like most of your readers feel the same...but I will cheer for Utah. I have no affiliation with Alabama, I can only name 2 players off the top of my head from their team. A Utah win will hopefully swander the idea that the MWC cannot compete with the BCS teams. In my opinion, the last thing that we need is to give any of those BCS guys more reason to say that we don't belong (Thanks Hawaii). I don't know if Utah will win, but hopefully they're at least competitive.

The nice thing is that even if Utah looses, I still won't be disappointed :)

Sam Boyle said...

I want Utah to win and win convincingly. I despise Utah during the BYU/Utah games (probably less extreme hate than you guys) but I cheer for them anytime they're not playing BYU. The reason being is that they're a local team representing the state of Utah. I went to high school with Kruger (we said hi to each other a few times in the halls) and I don't think BJ is such a bad guy.

I like how Utah plays. They might not be the most athletic or skilled but they are as tough as nails. They play hard smash mouth football and I respect that.

Besides we all dreams of BYU and a national championship next year (although highly unlikely). We would need Utah to win to gain respect for the MWC and then next year if we can beat all those elite teams maybe we will receive a little more consideration.

Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

Roll on Tide. I became a band wagon Tide fan a couple years back. I can't name any of the players but I love their mascot.

Andrew said...

Roll Tide!

Maker said...

I agree with Sam Boyle.