Thursday, January 08, 2009

A big weekend for BYU

I bet you didn’t even know it, but this weekend is huge for BYU football.

This weekend BYU recruits from around the country will be on campus for their official visit.

And how huge is it? Let me put it this way: Whether or not BYU becomes relevant again on the college football stage depends on the success of this weekend. If this weekend is a failure then you’re looking at BYU baseball’s new No. 1 fan.

(I’m referring to myself, by the way. I know you’re not actually looking at me—just go with me here.)

Who will be in attendance, you ask? None other than great BYU recruits like Kyle “The Reno Rambo” Van Noy, L.T. “Li’l Tiger” Filiaga, Xavier “The Polynesian Matt Reynolds” Sua’Filo, and Manti “Adam will cut out his left eye and give it to a blind orphan boy if you commit to BYU” Te’o.

(It was first speculated that Te’o would not be making the trip, but his father confirmed that Manti will in fact be in Provo. Reported by Jay Drew here.)

BYU will also welcome in some recruits that have already commited—like Jray “Just try saying my name” Galea’I, Craig “Hunna dolla” Bills and Terry “Maybe I should have gone to Oklahoma” Alleto.

I for one am excited for this weekend. I’ve already been reborn as a BYU fan, and now that recruiting season is upon us I feel like a giddy schoolboy.

These weekends are always good for BYU, too. Last year, if you’ll remember, we got three major commitments after the official recruiting weekend: O’Neill Chambers, Solomone Kafu and Uona Kaveinga (who later defected to USC… Manti, please don’t follow in this young man’s footsteps).

So bring out your rosary beads, fashion your voodoo dolls and send prayer emails to Bill Keller; we need to lock these kids down.

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Maker said...

Craig Bills! Another awesome T-Bird alum. Boom!