Tuesday, January 06, 2009

BYU's 2009 Non-Conference Schedule

Funny how you can just jump right back into something, isn't it?

Hot off the presses, BYU officially announced its four-game non-conference schedule for next year's football season earlier today. Read the official release here.

It looks like this:

*BYU @ Oklahoma (in Dallas): Sep. 5
*BYU @ Tulane: Sep. 12
BYU vs. Florida State: Sep. 19
BYU vs. Utah State: Oct. 2

*Games will be broadcast on ESPN networks.

I don't know about you, but I think this is a pretty solid lineup. Two huge nationally televised games (one being against the potential defending national champion Sooners), one perennial power from the ACC and one powderpuff to give our guys a little break.

BYU has such a hold on me. I was reading that press release (linked above), and I found myself getting just as amped as I always do about BYU football.

Yes, despite the negative mess in the post below, I am and always will be an undying BYU fan. They keep hurting me, but I keep coming back for more. Talk about an abusive relationship.

Go forth, BYU, and slay these foes.


Russ Nelson said...

I'm going to the Big D and DO mean Dallas!

Travis said...


Any plans to attend those games? A few fans in my ward are going to all of the nonconference games, except Utah State of course. I might join them for OK or Tulane

Adam said...

Probably not the Tulane game, but the OK game in Dallas is a definite possibility.

Anonymous said...

The Utah State game should be a very interesting one. With the new acquisition of Utah Defensive coach, Gary Anderson, Vegas is predicting the BYU v. USU game as a three-point spread - in Utah State's favor!