Monday, January 05, 2009

Painful admissions

Are you ready for five devastating truth bombs? Get in your shelter and pack some canned beans because here they come:

1. Not only did Utah have a far superior football team in 2008, but Utah has been a MUCH better football program than BYU since 2002.

2. Kyle Whittingham and his staff are better coaches than Bronco Mendenhall and his staff.

3. There's no way BYU would have beaten Alabama like Utah did. Not this year, not ever. We don't play like champions, and Utah does.

4. Even if Bronco and the boys get lucky and make it to a BCS game, they'll never win it. But I'm sure they'd kill at the fireside the night before.

5. BYU is no longer the best non-BCS program in the nation. That crown belongs to Utah now, and BYU is now the little brother.

Sorry guys, but somebody had to say it.

I still love you, BYU. I love that we can still beat Wyoming and New Mexico consistently, and I love that our mustaches are still neatly trimmed and do not stretch beyond the corners of our mouths. But it's time to finally admit it: we are not a BCS program. We belong in the MWC, and Utah and TCU are running away from us.

Suddenly the BYU/Utah State rivalry is getting a lot more interesting...


Travis said...

hmmm.....I promised a comment.

i agree that Utah has gotten much better coaching through whit. he is a great big game coach and this year, matured into a steady coach as well.

I will still pick the good guys and hate the bad guys. and the utes are the bad guys.

we need coaches and players who will not back down, and outside of jan and collie, I really didnt see that from the football team.

where i do see it is jimmer, jt, and lee. those guys want to win. bad. which is why I am a bigger byu bball fan right now than fball.

say what you want about jt but that guy will go into the huntsman center, hit a few bombs, shove nevill longbottom, and then lee will throw the ball into the ute student section. thats what we need out of the football team.

Eliot said...

Ouch. The truth is hard to take, but I think you exaggerate it a little here. I think we all have to admit that the Sugar Bowl was impressive, but you really think Utah is that much better than BYU? I would have picked the '06 team to win most BCS matchups, if only they hadn't killed their chance to go at the beginning of the season.

On the other hand, I can't stand the fact that we don't win the games that are supposed to challenge us. I don't know where exactly the blame falls, but something needs to change.

Maker said...

I agree. You might be being a bit harsh but I can agree.

I do think that you need some sort of prize for this one though,

"...but I'm sure they'd kill at the fireside the night before."

Hilarious! Pure genius, really.

Justin said...

You lie Adam. I will never read this pinkish red blog again!

Greg said...

you sicken me

Russ Nelson said...

The truth is hard to take, but I don't think that is all true. You were over the top when you put us in the Utah State category. We have won big games in the past and have the ability to win big games, but we need to make some important changes.

1. Recruit athletes.
2. Have more of a killer instinct especially in big games.
3. Make football a priority

BYU football is annoying to me right now.

Gus said...

I couldn't agree with you more.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I think BYU's greatest strength is also its greatest weakness: it's an LDS school.

As such BYU is able to get the majority of the best LDS talent available but unfortunately also is not a legitimate contender for most non-LDS recruits.

This sets up for a team that is better than average but can't beat the big schools on a consistent basis.

Our best hope is more black convert baptisms. Maybe then we could have a real secondary and not a "bend but not break defense."

It also doesn't help that
BYU coaches are predictable and lack innovation. A key to Utah's victory against Alabama were such things like running the no-huddle offense and switching up blitz packages; this type of game plan could never be seen at BYU because we rely on execution.

Execution with medium-level talent in a medium-level conference will yield decent results but nothing on a national level.

Shareen said...

Boy things sure would be different if the TCU kicker could hit a chip-shot....or if OSU hadn't had a complete meltdown at Rice Chex stadium. Kudos to Utah though. There's no dispute that they spanked Alabama in every aspect. They were sooooo close to being 11-2. My husband told me I would regret wanting them to beat TCU so BYU would have a chance at the conference title. I should've listened to him. But there's nothing you can say that would make me want Kyle to be our coach over Bronco. Maybe I've been to too many killer firesides....

Anonymous said...

I disagree... I don't think the BYU firesides are that great...