Thursday, January 22, 2009

The streak ends... at two

When UNLV beat us at home last night, they not only snapped our not-even-close-to-nation-leading two-game home winning streak, they also gave hope to every team in the Mountain West Conference.

Before last night, every team in the MWC knew that the game in Provo was an automatic loss. They knew it, and they accepted it. The trip to Provo became less about the actual game, and more about the cultural experience for the other team (we do have a lovely Pioneer museum).

UNLV, though, shattered that notion. Suddenly San Diego State, Wyoming and the rest of the pack are liking their chances inside the Marriott Center. And that's no good.

It turns out BYU is not as invincible as we all thought, and I predict every game from here on out is going to be a battle.

I gotta be honest, I am so disappointed in our effort last night. We started the game on fire. We ran well, we defended well, we were hitting shots, Lee Cummard scored 10 points in the first 10 minutes, and then we just died.

It was like that Gatorade commercial about the triathlete whose body stopped functioning right before the finish line. You know what I'm talking about? The guy just breaks apart and collapses right on the road.

That's what BYU looked like in the second half last night--a heap of broken down flesh crumpled up in a ball on the court.

I just want to address a few issues in particular:

One--What has happened to Lee Cummard? Why isn't he playing basketball anymore? Come on, Lee, you're better than this.

Two--Chris freaking Miles. Are you kidding me with this guy? Look, no one understands the burden of the big man more than I, but come on Miles. You are a six foot 11 inch division one basketball player. Guys like you play big, get boards, block shots and make layups. You didn't do any of that last night. I am so sick of our big men it's not even funny.

Three--we scored five points in the first 13 or so minutes of the second half. I just want everyone to see that again.

That's all I want to say. Come on Cougs. Suck it up and start playing tough.

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lesley said...

Great post Adam. You put on paper what was in my heart.

I have a couple other thoughts...1) We can't win with essentially no big men, they are both sooo bad and 2) We can't win when JT has no filter and just plays for himself.

JT had been showing so many improvements in his game...but he KILLED me against UNLV. Did anyone else see the crucial play where instead of just grabbing the loose ball he tried to scoot back to the 3 pt line as he was getting the ball...and then lost it to Wink. Plus, he was like 4-18 at some point...and still would not stop shooting 3's. He can NOT shoot 3's all day. When you're off, find a different way to score. Show some composure people. I need time away from cougar basketball after that game.