Friday, January 09, 2009

Why didn't anybody tell me?!

I found out something a little interesting today. Apparently my favorite sports blog made the local radio.

Yes, it's true. ASB, where people from all around the world gather after googling "groin injuries," and "softball chatter," got a little bit of play on Utah's fourth most popular sports radio network: KFAN 1320.

David Locke picked up my post Painful Admissions on Monday, Jan. 5, and read it over the air. Granted, it was probably during the dregs of his show (unfortunately I didn't get to hear it live), but I'll take the pub where I can get it.

It's probably not the post I would have picked to be read over the air, but as I was listening to the podcast today I decided that I still stand by everything I wrote.

So David, thanks for reading. If you want to do a guest post sometime soon, let me know. Also, if you want to bring me on your show I'd be more than willing (Yes, I do have experience--still waiting for the invitation to get back on the air, DD).

Check out David Locke's podcast here. ASB is mentioned near the end.


Cindroid said...

Adam this is awesome. You're practically a professional sports writer now!!

But why did somebody mention meat loaf? And baseball?

Travis said...

Be careful what you write I guess. Don't want to be mistaken for a ute fan. after seeing the layout of your new music blog, it's possible you know.

Rock said...

"Any chance he went on a bender for those two weeks?"


Jillybean said...

Congrats Adam. That's great!

ali said...

you and becky are the King and Queen of the blogosphere. I don't know how you guys do it, but could you send a little publicity my way? I'm desperately trying to enlarge my readership from the two people that read my blog. Myself being one of them.

Adam said...

If you need more readers I have a sure-fire solution: write anything, and I mean anything derogatory about Utah State University. Its entire student body will find you--you won't even have to publicize it.

See, every USU student takes an oath to protect and defend Utah State, the city of Logan, Aggie Ice Cream and Cache Valley Cheese at all costs.