Monday, January 26, 2009

Write it out: The Honor Code

Ah the Honor Code: Keeping boys out of girls' bathrooms since 1875.

The Honor Code is one of BYU's most prized and recognizable characteristics. It separates us from all the mongrel heathen universities that surround us, and it makes sure that BYU students are clean-cut, presentable and 100% drug free. Truly the Honor Code is a great thing.

But sometimes it doesn't work out too well for our beloved athletes. How often have we read in the newspapers "[Insert star athlete's name here] suspended indefinitely for Honor Code violations"?

It's gotten to the point that when I hear about a non-Mormon newcomer to BYU athletics I think "I hope we can get one or two good years out of this guy before he gets canned."

Don't tell me you're not thinking it too.

The athletic communications people dull it down with phrases like "Violation of team rules," but we savvy BYU fans know what's really going on: Someone's been sneaking the O'Douls.

Why do I bring this up now? Well, you've probably heard of Manti Te'o. Furthermore, you've probably heard that he's crossed BYU off his list. What you may not know, though, is there are crazy rumors flying around about certain recruits getting down with certain banned drinks in certain social gatherings. These actions, allegedly, put the kibosh on a certain Hawaiian football player's recruitment.

Now I do not condone such rumors, and I suspect we'll find out the full story soon, but supposedly there are even more suspensions coming.

Imperfect fans like myself are upset. It seems like BYU is always going to find a way to shoot itself in the foot when they're on the verge of making progress.

So I thought I'd take this time to ask you, my readers, a question: How do you feel about the BYU honor code?

It seems like a simple question, but I want you to dig down deep. Share your darkest thoughts. Will BYU ever be able to get athletes to play for us under the HC restrictions? Does the HC help or hurt our athletic program? Is the HC outdated? I want you to express your true feelings. Write it out.


J.R. said...

Although it hurts to say this, BYU does not exist just to play home to a premier football team. The Honor Code is who we are and who we should strive to be. It is unfortunate that some players can't live up to it. But that doesn't mean we should lower our standards. We need to make strong examples of those who disobey the honor code so that the message is loud and clear about what kind of person we expect at BYU. Our students and players will never live up to it 100% but Christ has asked us to strive for perfection and to be clean, not to win a Championship (although I wish he would!)

Russ Nelson said...

We are a private religious institution and not a football powerhouse. Unless the head honchos on the board see it differently we'll be shavin' everyday, poopin' in our own apartments, and hopefully getting the best Mormon recruits and the occasional O'neezie (who has already stayed longer then I anticipated).

Enter to Learn (maybe win some football games) Go Forth to Serve (not in the NFL).

Travis said...

Maybe we just need to allow jean jammin???

Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

We just better hope they don't ever pull a BYU-Idaho. I went to the last game in Rexburg and I left it with a lump in my gut and a tear in my eye. That is probably the biggest reason I went to BYU.

Anonymous said...

I think the honor code is a little extreme. Obeying a commandment is one thing and things like being clean shaven are another. Just my opinion.

I wish the honor code was followed but a big part of me wish that we could go back to the Lavell days where all the violations were pushed under the rug. We are losing a lot of the prized Polynesian recruits to Utah and others.

Trevor said...

Dump it.

Jake said...

What if all BYU fans could just agree to support another team with a lot of LDS players and not such a strict honor code, and then the "actual" BYU could be a model of the church, and BYU football fans could throw their support behind another team, like Weber State or Utah State or Snow College. There are plenty of LDS kids there who slip up with alcohol and chastity violations.

Oh wait, then you wouldn't be able to call the Utes "heathens" and pretend to have the moral high ground. Ditch the honor code and what do you have left to brag about?