Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just-past-mid-season awards

This is my “mid-season award” post. I was hoping to get this post up before we started the second half of the season by absolutely embarrassing Colorado State, but then life happened.

And by life I mean Hollywood Week.

So that’s why this is my “just-past-mid-season” award post. Sorry for my tardiness.

I’ve decided to give everyone on the basketball team an award at the MWC break. I don’t know what they’ll do with it. They could put it up on the mantle, or they could just toss it in the dumpster. It doesn’t really exist, physically, so I frankly couldn’t care less.

I’ve broken it up by position.


Jimmer Fredette: MVP. How can you not love what Jimmer does for our team?

Jackson Emery: Defensive Player of the Mid-Year. Emery is my pick to guard the very best player on the other team.

LaMont Morgan Jr: The Pleasant Surprise Award. He doesn’t shoot often, but when he does it usually goes in.


JT: The Colossus Award. It’s a heck of a roller coaster ride being a JT fan.

Lee Cummard: The Shadow Award. Lee seems to do his best when he’s out of the spotlight.

Charles Abouo: The Heir Apparent Award. When Sweet Lee graduates, who will pick up the slack? This man. Charles Abouo (pronounced AB-woah)

Archie Rose: Most-Improved. Archie has turned himself into a serviceable player here at BYU. Remember watching him last year? I rest my case.

Noah Hartsock: The Wasted Year Award. I like this kid, and it’s a shame that he didn’t redshirt this year.


Chris Miles: The Gettin’ There Award. I love what Miles can do for our team. He just needs to remember to come out and play every game.

James Anderson: The Offensive Big Man Award. Anderson is our best scorer down low. He has a nose for the basket.

Gavin MacGreggor: Backin’ it Up Award. Gavin knows his role and plays it well. Get well soon big guy.

I’ve seen BYU at its best and its worst this year. Considering how young BYU is as a team, I consider it quite an accomplishment to be contending for their third conference championship.

However, the second half of the season is going to be a rough one, and to reach their goals BYU can only lose at most one more game this season. Here’s hoping we can go on the road and get some big games.

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Rock said...

I fully support your Jimmer for MVP award.

Are you the Adam that has been leaving comments on Jay Drew's blog? You are such a BYU nerd.