Thursday, February 05, 2009

Memo to JC transfers

Consider this post a direct message to our new recruits from the Junior College ranks.

The message? Get your butts on the field in 2009.

JC guys are not like normal recruits. JC guys are brought into a program specifically to fix holes—to patch up cracks. Most recruits have 4-5 years in one program; JC guys only have two (three if they’re lucky enough to get a redshirt year). JC guys need to make an immediate impact in those two precious years, otherwise their scholarships are just a waste.

BYU brought in three JC recruits yesterday to fix some holes in its defense: Brian Logan, Lee Aguirre and Jordan Atkinson—two cornerbacks and one linebacker, respectively.

Both Logan and Aguirre have good measurables (speed, stats, etc.), and Atkinson is a BYU lifer who works hard and plays tough. All three have the potential to make a big impact next year.

BYU needs these guys. We need them to step in immediately and shore up our defense.

BYU also took a chance by bringing in these JC guys. BYU and its coaches showed good faith and offered them FBS scholarships, and now the burden is on them—Aguirre, Atkinson and Logan—to get game-ready by opening day.

See, JC transfers play well at their level, but they are always risky because they’re unfamiliar with the speed and intensity of FBS football. Remember Tico Pringle? Remember Aundre Saulsberry? These were two JC cornerbacks that BYU recruited after the 2005 season. Both guys were supposed to bolster our pass defense. Tico turned out to be a bust, and Saulsberry played sparingly in 2007 before graduating.

Most JC transfers, unfortunately, have similar careers.

Let’s hope Lee Aguirre and Brian Logan don’t go down that road.

Let’s hope these JC transfers will put in the time—especially now during the offseason—to get themselves ready for what I hope will be great, impactful college careers.

So boys, if you’re reading this, get out there and do a few more shuttle runs. Push yourselves to the limit by yourselves, because come fall camp you’re in for a rude awakening.


Trav said...

We've had some greats over the years too: Steve Sarkisian comes to mind. JC guys always get me excited - they are more prepared to contribute right away, unlike a HS signee who sometimes won't see the field for another 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Not all players are concerned with playing at a university. Andre didnt even care about playing. His only concern was getting his degree and starting his business which I heard is pretty sucessful. Also Pringle Is currently getting ready for the NFL and rumor has it he could be drafted. Mind you when the JC Dbacks came in they were man cover corners not ready for the zone the defense switched to after Mitchell left