Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My dedication

I just paid $15 to listen to the Cougars online, and it was worth every penny.

I'm currently in Las Vegas for work, and the only way I could follow BYU was to pay for wireless Internet in my room. Well, done and done.

And BYU comes back from a 14-point deficit to beat the A$$-tecs. Fredette comes up huge in the second half and Emery banks a three to win the game. How can you beat that?

Cougs, you pull my heartstrings, but thank you for beating SDSU and splitting this road trip. This was the biggest win of the season.

Time to hit the craps tables!


Rock said...

Can't you get free Wi-Fi at Burger King these days? Or did you want to listen to the game naked?

That was a great game. When we were down 14 I was ready to implode, so the comeback really felt good.

Andrew said...

I think I would have paid too! Too bad your hotel didn't get the mtn. Isn't Vegas part of the mtn's coverage? Oh well, I'm sure hearing Wrubell about as excited as he's ever been since Beck-Harline was worth the dough!

Trav said...


call me next time. I have been successfully finding online justin.tv video feeds for coug games. it has been legendary

actually to call me you would have to have my phone number, which I am not giving you. so, maybe post something on your blog and i'll leave a comment with a link or something.

kidding about the phone number, if you want it, i'll give it to you, just not in a public forum

Peter said...

That was probably the most intense and exciting game I've ever listened to. I was seriously depressed at half time, wondering if I still wanted to go stand in line early Saturday morning. Now, I'm wishing I would have listened to the game in a tent by the NW doors of the Marriot Center.

Shareen said...

We're playing Utah tomorrow and still no smack talk! I've been eagerly awaiting a blog on this topic, but maybe you're camped out in a tent at the Mariott Center in order to get good seats?

Anonymous said...

utah game... really, nothing? this blog is sucking