Friday, February 20, 2009

A sign of good things to come

I usually don't watch a lot of regular season Jazz games.

One reason: There's just so many.

Another: I get too crazy when I watch the Jazz. Every time I watch a game I bring myself a few pulses away from a full on stroke.

Last night's game against the Celtics, though, was definitely circled on my calendar. Did you guys see this game? It was a real jewel. The Jazz were playing from behind the ENTIRE game. They trailed for the first 46 minutes, and were down by double digits for a large portion of the game.

Then Paul Man-sap pumped, got his man in the air, drew contact and then banked in a crazy 20-footer to tie the game in the fourth quarter. He hit his free throw to give the Jazz their first lead of the game with about two minutes left.

Harpring and D-will hit two gigantic shots in the final minute, and Harpring pulled down the manliest rebound I've ever seen before to seal the win. I know... a rebound seals the win? But it's true. You should have seen this thing.

So in the course of a week the Jazz have beaten the Lakers and the Celtics--the two best teams in the NBA--and they've won six of their last seven.

Good things are on the horizon for the Jazz.

We're finally getting healthy (AK was huge in the second half last night), we've got a good schedule in the next few weeks and D-Will is back with a vengeance.

Who knows? We may even have a... Boozer... sighting in the next few weeks. Shh... don't say it too loud. You might frighten him away.

I love the Jazz, guys. I love Deron Williams, I love Ronnie Brewer, I love Millsap and AK47. Heck even Jaron Collins made me smile last night. I love that blasted pick and roll that they've been running since the Hoover administration, and I love when Memo makes a huge three pointer that brings down the house.

All good things.

One thing I don't love, while I'm thinking about it, is how Kyle Korver is the only shooting specialist in the NBA... that misses all his shots. Can anyone remember the last time he actually made a three pointer?

Anyway, good time to be a Jazz fan. It only gets better from here.

Oh wait. One more thing I don't love (hate): The cowardly, spineless, annoying, bandwagon Laker and Celtics fans that somehow make their way to Salt Lake City when their "team" plays the Jazz. Nothing worse.


Trav said...

I used to always go to the delta center when the sonics came to town. it was nice the last couple of years because tickets were always cheap from scalpers at those games.

Evan said...

You'll never get through Rip City. Just hope you are on the opposite side of the bracket. ps-Loved the T-mac line from a little while ago.