Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Signing Day Luncheon

Bronco and I are on the same page again.

We had a nice long talk, we worked out our issues, and I’m happy to say everything’s right as rain between the coach and me.

In case you didn’t know, today is one of my favorite days of the year: Signing day. It’s when starry-eyed high school football players officially declare their intentions to ride the pine at the university of their choice.

BYU got a fresh crop of letters of intent today (I chronicled each one via Twitter), and I was lucky enough to attend the official press conference/luncheon. We ate cheap lasagna and watched a highlight video depicting each recruit and their feats of strength.

Then the main event: The keynote speaker was none other than Coach Bronco Mendenhall himself. (This is the part where he won back my heart.)

Bronco started his address by talking about some recent BYU history. He emphasized a few points that we BYU fans are quick to forget. Here are some:

Over the Last Three Years…

*There has only been one—only one—non-BCS school ranked in the top 25: BYU

*There have only been 8 schools total—in all 119—that have been ranked each of the last three years. BYU is one of them.

*Only 5 teams in the entire world of FBS College football have had more wins than BYU in that time period.

*BYU has been undefeated at home. Never before in its long and storied history has BYU gone three years without losing a home game.

Impressive facts. I know I was certainly impressed, and I was immediately grateful for a strong, consistent program.

He then talked about our seven players in 2008 who garnered some sort of All-America honors.

Then he spoke about our Freshmen All-Americans over the past four years, and explained that those athletes are the kind of men BYU is recruiting.

All in all, it was the kind of meeting that gave mopey fans like me a much-needed shot in the arm. I realized finally that Bronco is not an idiot—what’s important to me is certainly important to him, and BYU football will be at the top of the MWC for years and years to come.

Good things are in store for BYU football. We signed another incredible class, we’ve got a great coaching staff, and the stars are aligning once again for the mighty Cougars.

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Anonymous said...

Does this "incredible recuiting class" include any speed for you guys down there. BYU's incredible recuiting=10 win Vegas bowl appreances.