Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"We've got it all"

This is the poster and slogan for this year's BYU women's basketball team (Courtesy of BYUCougars.com):

Does anyone else think this marketing approach is a little odd?


Cindroid said...

this makes me uncomfortable.

Justin said...

First off, How many players are they allowed on the roster? That is more then my freshmen high school team and there weren't' cuts.

Second, I bet our intramural team could beat them. Just sayin. If they did beat us, I'd still try to get a number from one of them that wasn't over six feet tall.

Trav said...

if by odd you mean hot, sure

Russ Nelson said...

Looks like they had to bust out the industrial fan for that shot!

Rock said...

Adam, as a PR guy I'm surprised you find this ad odd. This was a no brainer for BYU marketing:

Women's basketball doesn't sell, but sex does--even within honor code boundaries.