Friday, February 13, 2009

Write it out: Coach's Dilemma

I have an ethical dilemma.

Actually, that’s not true at all. No dilemmas here. But I THOUGHT of an ethical dilemma that would be a tough one for anyone who actually has deal with those kinds of things.

Imagine you are a basketball coach. You have a certain number of scholarships to give to your players, and that number is set in stone—no flexibility whatsoever.

One of your star players has decided to enter the NBA Draft, thus freeing up one scholarship. As a sign of good faith, you decide to give that scholarship to a walk-on who has been a part of your program for a couple years. He doesn’t see much playing time, but you still value his contribution.

Now the dilemma.

You’re in your office one day when you get a phone call. It’s a tip about an athlete who is not only a very good basketball player, but also very interested in BYU. He is receiving a lot of interest (even offers) from some elite programs around the country, but after meeting with him it is made clear that this guy is yours to lose.

You have two scholarships to give, but they are already taken by other recruits. Good recruits.

Now it’s a coach’s prerogative to evaluate each player after each season and either grant or remove scholarships based on this evaluation. So you could, in theory, strip one of your players of his scholarship and offer it to a new recruit.

My question: Would you, as the coach in this situation, strip a player of his scholarship (in this case the former walk-on) to offer it to a better athlete who will most certainly make a bigger contribution to the team?

What do you think?


Trav said...

If I were coach, pinegar would be on academic scholly. I am sure he's smart, right? There would absolutely zero percent I let the scholarship problem get in my way of getting the Harrison boys. oh, and it might be a little harsh when reality hits, but I wouldn't call it unethical.

Trav said...

also, as soon as pinegar can dunk over a guy in a game, he can keep the scholly. and when I say over a guy, I mean Vince carter in the olympics style over.

Rock said...

Are you referring to dropping Pinegar, or McGreggor? Either could stand being replaced by the South Carolina dude. If I had a vote, I'd certainly boot Pinegar. I'm sure he's a nice guy and all, but...

Plus we're loaded at the guard position anyway, with Lloyd coming back next year. Plus Pinegar does that upitty thing with his hair that Austin Ainge did, and it just looks gay.

So yeah, scholarships should be given based on talent AND taken based on talent.

lesley said...

No dilemma here...and if it is a dilemma for any of our coaches, I hope they would be fired.

Brett Zobell said...

Lesley is 100% right. Da coach gotta do what he already said he gonna do.

Trevor said...

Brett, I'm pretty sure that when Lesley said there's no dilemma she meant there's no dilemma in revoking the walk-on scholarship and giving it to the good dude. In fact, I'm positive that's what she meant because I just asked her.

Just win baby! A coach's job is to win, not give scholarships to guys that "work hard". Get us some freaking talent!

A coach's job is also not to be bishop (sorry, cheap shot at Bronco)