Monday, March 02, 2009

BYU wins, Adam fails

Man, what a sweet, sweet victory that was on Saturday. Who was there? A lot of you I'm guessing, since my crew and I arrived at the Marriott Center at about 10 a.m., and we were at the end of a line which wrapped 3/4 of the way around the building.

Some students, I heard, camped out all week to get a shot at a front row seat.

Looking back, I wish I would have been one of them. Being within earshot of those dirty, filthy, stinking Utes would have been worth every sacrifice. We were about half way up in the northwest corner and it just wasn't the same. Don't get me wrong, I was still screaming/spitting with the best of 'em, but I just wish my words could have landed in Shaun Green's pasty white dome.

I relished--RELISHED--in that win on Saturday. I gave the Cougars everything I had, and when I got home I felt like I had been in a fistfight with Butterbean.

But that feeling of ecstasy is tempered a bit by my waking up on Monday morning only to find that I had neglected my blog before the biggest game of the season against our biggest rival.

I'm sorry, guys. Please forgive me.

An excuse: I was out of town all week for work, and when I got home on Friday night I was determined to do non-computer things. I generally stay away from the computer on weekends all together, which may hurt my blog in the short run, but I think it will help my life in the long run.

Just a few thoughts about the game:

*Words cannot express the love I have for Jimmer Fredette. Everyone was struggling in the first half, but Jimmer consistently kept us in the game.

*Chris Miles: I take it all back. Your performance on Saturday was inspired, and you've earned a free pass from me for the rest of the regular season. Your defense was fantastic, and 13 points with 5/6 from the FT line against the conference leader is worthy of co-MVP honors (with the other co- going to Jimmer, of course).

*I would like to thank Lee Cummard for playing some real basketball in the second half on Saturday. After missing EVERYTHING in the first half, Lee ended up with a downright decent stat line. I imagine Dave Rose gave Cummard quite the pep talk in the locker room, which explains the hefty embrace when Cummard left the game in the late second half.

*Go Lobos!


Trav said...

I was thinking this morning - if Adam's blog has not been updated yet, I think someone should go search for his body in any one of the many rocky ravines of Utah Valley

Andrew said...


Wish you could have been there camping with us (I was there from Wednesday afternoon on.) But then you would have had to deal with the frustration of being the 5th tent in line on Wednesday and seeing 4-5 more tents magically pop up ahead of you before game day, and 60+ people show up on Saturday morning. Not cool.

I slept three nights in a cold tent, legitimately was the 5th tent there and I was still on the 11th row...

Still, the fantastic victory (I totally agree with your MVPs by the way) made it all worth it!

Rock said...

*Adam did not actually show up at 10 am, but he did bring a sack of burgers when he arrived at noon. So all was well.

Miles for MWC player of the week? He got benched the whole second half against SDSU.

I loved every minute of that game, especially the booing that followed the pre-game prayer.