Monday, March 16, 2009


So I watched the NCAA tournament selection show last night, and for the most part it went exactly how I imagined:

BYU was punished with the dreaded 8 seed, playing Texas A&M for the second year in a row.

Utah was rewarded handsomely with a 5 seed and they'll be facing an Arizona team that shouldn't be in the tournament in the first place.

Apparently the gods of college athletics enjoy watching us BYU fans squirm.

But like I said, I expected as much. BYU did nothing to earn a higher seed, and the stars are aligning for Utah (who will probably make the Sweet 16 again).

Savor the flavor, Utes, because 2009 is going to be a cruel year for you. Two words: Corbin Louks.

What I did not expect, however, was the royal screwgie sent with love from the NCAA selection committee to the MWC. It took me a while to realize it, but as they were showing the complete bracket I noticed that there were only two MWC teams in the entire field of 65: BYU and Utah.

That means San Diego State, UNLV and New Mexico sat in their little athletics rooms, watching their TVs with open mouths and teary eyes as the harsh reality set in: NIT.

All I can say is the MWC got screwed. Especially SDSU. Remember when some experts had the MWC sending all five teams to the tournament? Ouch. Looks like our conference got a harsh taste of reality yesterday.

It just makes me absolutely sick that teams like Michigan and Arizona can waltz into the tournament on their conference's coattails, while legitimately good teams like SDSU and New Mexico stay home just because they're in a "non-power" conference.

What a joke.

But like I said, they'll each have a chance to get back some respect by proving they are the 66th best team in the country and winning the NIT. Good luck, men.


Trav said...

dont count out utah's ability to lose to teams who don't belong. Southwest Baptist did them in their own building, so AZ can easily beat the Utes as long as Neville Longbottom doesnt get the Kobe treatment he is used to receiving from MWC refs

Red Blood said...

"Savor the flavor, Utes, because 2009 is going to be a cruel year for you. Two words: Corbin Louks."

You guys were saying the same things about Utah before this last year. Forgive me if I don't drink the Kool-aid.

I have a more than two words for you: I intercepted max hall

Anonymous said...

Already giving up on basketball? Wow. As for Corbin Louks, Utah has proven that they can beat BYU with no-name QBs. Remember Brett Ratliff? Even if Louks doesn't play well, Max Hall will have enough completions to Utah players to make up for it.

Jake said...

Maybe if BYU would win a tourney game once in a while the MWC would get more respect.

Adam said...

Jake- I completely agree.