Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The stars are aligned

Thank you, New Mexico, for giving BYU a shot for a third-straight MWC regular season championship.

New Mexico, by beating Utah last night, has created a three-team logjam at the top of the MWC standings, and if BYU wins its final two games we can claim at least a share of that special little plaque.

It's as easy as that: win --> championship.

Well... part of the championship. But if we're lucky we could possibly get the whole banana.

First thing's first for BYU: beat Wyoming. The Cowboys have only lost one home game this season (to Utah), and they can be a scary little team. They'll be waiting for us in Laramie, and they're going to give us all the fury of the high plains.

Good news: If we beat Wyoming we get Air Force at home for the last game of the season. This is kind of like the kid who eats all his vegetables and then gets chocolate mousse for desert. In fact, the Falcons would be better off just buying tickets and sitting in the stands.

But like I said, beat Wyoming first.

Once we do that we can start to cheer on our MWC brethren. For example, after we beat the Pokes we will turn around and cheer them on to victory over New Mexico. The Lobos will travel to Laramie on Saturday, and the Cowboys could do us a big favor by beating them.

And then our eyes will turn to TCU. Our Horned Frog friends to the south would do well to reach down deep and figure out a way to beat the Utes in Salt Lake.

If Wyoming beats New Mexico and TCU beats Utah (and BYU wins out), the Cougars will have their third-straight OUTRIGHT MWC regular-season championship.

A stretch? Maybe. But not beyond the realms of possibility.

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Trav said...

Some try to maneuver into the 2 seed so we don't play UNLV in the 2nd round - I say bring em on. This team is ready to go, and will not back down. Three straight championship seasons would be epic!