Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time to embrace the curse

It exists. Oh, it's all around us. Don't try and tell yourself it doesn't exist--it feeds off your denial.

I speak, of course, of the unnatural Curse that prevents BYU from winning an NCAA tournament game.

Yes, since our triumphant victory over SMU in 1993, BYU has been the laughingstock whipping boy of Division I basketball. We have been the butt of punchlines, and the posterized also-rans who are mentioned only in connection with the various records set by our opponents.

We make other players famous.

Yes, the Curse is real, and it grows stronger every year. Every Selection Sunday carries with it a message from the curse: You are not welcome here.

This year the Curse dealt us a particularly humbling blow. After having the audacity to thake a 3-0 lead against Texas A&M, the Curse promptly punished BYU by lifting the Aggies to a 26-3 run, effectively breaking our hearts and spirits.

A&M went on to shoot us out of the gym, winning 79-66.

You could see it on Coach Dave Rose's face, too. He looked desperate. He was pleading for a miracle in those final minutes. But Coach Rose doesn't realize that cursed teams don't have access to the same March Magic that gives teams like Western Kentucky and Cleveland State superhuman powers.

BYU is all alone-- the only team in the NCAA that is unable to win a tournament game.

But that doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, I say we embrace the curse. Let's market it. Let's make t-shirts about it. Let's do for the NCAA tournament what the Red Sox did for the World Series.

Let's be the famous team that can never win a game in the tournament. You know how SportsCenter runs the "Not Top Ten" plays every week? It'll be kind of like that.

That way when we do finally win a game it will be huge, international news. People will shout "The curse of Roger Reid has been broken!" And instant fame will be ours.

Until we are destroyed in round two.


jonathan said...

I'm all for it.

BYU - dominated in the first round for 16 years straight.

Trav said...

I like this thinking. Instead of all the unspoken tension the players deal with, lets have some fun with it and then win a game.

Andrew said...

Not that Utah has had many great NCAA tournament runs lately, but as a Ute fan, Adam, I must say the BYU pessimism in your blog is surprisingly refreshing and fun to read. Embracing BYU's curse is something I proudly encourage.

Aaron said...

Just for your information, Western Kentucky doesn't need superhuman strength when they have a guy like Orlando Mendez-Valdez. Anyways, I agree with your logic, it would definitely give us something to work for as well as some instant fame once we win. (Next year, of course.)