Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The walk of shame

How's your bracket?

Don't you just love that March-specific greeting? I do... at least for the first couple of rounds. After that it's less of a greeting and more of a slap in the face.

But I finally conceded defeat a few minutes ago. I stood up, pulled out my wallet and made the slow walk of shame as I greeted the the master of our group bracket challenge and handed him five dollars American.

There is no way I can win, and I finally admitted it.

That five dollars will now fly into the hands of a lesser man (one who had the audacity to pick Michigan State in the Final Four).

My downfall? I'm too much of a Utah homer. After picking all three teams from the state of Utah to advance, I am now reaping a painful, bitter defeat.

So the fact remains. For one more year I am doomed to be the suckiest March Madness Bracketeer on the planet.

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Evan said...

My bracket is also a disaster. But I just wanted to thank you for letting us beat down your Jazz last night.


Rip City