Tuesday, March 03, 2009

You're welcome, coach

You know what I like about coach Dave Rose? He loves the fans.

Maybe it's because a raucous home crowd is crucial to the home court advantage, or maybe it's just because Dave Rose is just a loving, supportive kind of guy.

Whatever the case, I know that Rose loves the fans. And he does a great job telling us.

After the Utah game I read this on Greg Wrubell's blog:

Coach Dave Rose wanted me to make sure I used this space to thank the student section for their support today. The attendance of 20,120 included thousands of white-clad students, many of whom camped out all week and/or snaked a line around the Marriott Center to secure the best seats for the game. The student-allotted seats were filled to overflowing long before tip time, and the atmosphere was as electric as it has ever been. So, kudos from Coach Rose.

On Sunday Rose took time in his weekly coach's show to thank BYU fans--especially students--for being at the game early and cheering loudly for the Cougars.

Well coach, you're welcome. Seriously--anytime.

I've said it before, but I want to take this moment to express my deep appreciation for Coach Rose. He has proved himself to be an exceptional coach at BYU. He took a wildly inconsistent team and made them a national power. He turned a 9-win program into a program that has won 20+ games in four straight years (with no signs of stopping.

Not only that, but Rose can recruit. He has secured commitments from some of the best players BYU will ever see: Jackson Emery, Jimmer Fredette, Tyler Haws, Brandon Davies, and even Lee Cummard and Trent Plaisted (even though the latter two were officially recruited under the Steve Cleveland regime).

Also, and call me crazy if you want to, I like Rose because he is a basketball coach. His focus is coaching basketball and building a winning program. That's it.

Coach Rose, you're all aces in my book. If you keep winning championships, I'll keep screaming till I can't speak.


Andrew said...

Because he's a basketball coach? What are you trying to say, Adam? I, for one, wish coach Rose would help me as a Cougar fan to mature spiritually. I leave basketball games happy because of the wins, but empty because I'm just not sure that Chris Miles has a testimony.

Andrew said...

I trust the other Andrew is being facetious, but am I to infer that you don't approve of Bronco's emphasis on all things spiritual at the expense of emphasis on football?

Just wondered, because I'm ready for him to focus on FOOTBALL this year! I'm curious whether that will happen.

Garrett said...

Last year he went to Little Caesars and bought tons of pizzas for the students that were waiting outside the Womens Utah game for their Mens Utah tickets.